10 Reasons to Run for the Forest This Weekend

Photo by Kolby Wall

10 Reasons to Run for the Forest This Weekend

Friends, spiritual revelers and shadowdancing superstars the time has come! Enchanted Forest is this weekend and we’re stoked at how everything is coming together down here at Black Oak Ranch. We’re excited to show you all the new art that will be on display, we’re over the moon about our incredible lineup and most of all we’re thrilled that you’ll be joining us. For anyone still on the fence about heading up to these majestic meadows for the weekend have them sit down and take a little time to give it some consideration. You can even share with those wayward souls this list of magical elements that make Enchanted Forest one you don’t want to miss. With something for everyone and new inspiring surprises at every turn you’re sure to find something to enjoy at the festival. If your friends still need convincing have them take a look through these reasons to run for the Forest while they ponder the possibilities.

Reason #10: Yoga Everyday

With more yoga by some of the best Yogi’s in the festival scene you’re not going to want to miss these classes. Along with a number of styles these pros will also be sharing the product of decades of experience with the craft.

Reason #9: The Flow Zone

Photo by Alyssa Keys

We’ve brought in an array of talented performers from the surrounding community to show their skills on the stage but they’ll also be serving up some workshops to help you find your flow too. After a few of these classes you’re sure to be both humbled and inspired.

Reason #8: Dr. Bronner’s Shower Foam Party

As seen on the Playa, this is one party you won’t want to miss. Admission includes access to a special area with performances from special guests, foam showers and a few lathering antics to keep the heat at bay. With a dedicated area at Enchanted Forest his experience promises to be unlike anything you’ve probably experienced before.

Reason #7: Delicious Food

When you’re looking for a festival with top shelf cuisine then accept no substitutes for a farm to table approach. At Enchanted Forest fine meals prepared by culinary superheroes are available to keep you looking and feeling great throughout the festival.

Reason #6: Intelligent Workshops

Learning opportunities will be in abundance at Enchanted Forest this year. Take a look at some of our top workshops to look for and prepare for the sort of discussion that is sure to be both authentic and enlightening.

Reason #5: Artisan Vendors

Ready to check out some of the best vending you’ll experience at a festival all summer? Stop by the many booths in our marketplace and support your local artists while you pick up a little extra style along the way.

Reason #4: Amazing MicroEnvironments

Photo by Brie'Ana Breeze

Photo by Brie’Ana Breeze

The rabbithole goes deeper than you know! Go for a late night romp into branches mobile gallery, enjoy some comedy or meditate in the morning at the Crystal Dome. From the Hearth Tea House to the swimming hole we’ve got more experiences to dive into than ever.

Reason #3: The Art

With Live Painters, Muralists, Sculptures and a whole lot more adorning the landscape it’s no wonder people come here and get “enchanted”. What Art will you bring to share?

Reason #2: The Dancefloor

Anyone who has been to Enchanted Forest can attest to the explosive affection found on the dancefloor. Even if you don’t plan on doing much dancing or the only move you do is the cobra be sure to take some time to relish this toe-tapping opportunity.

Reason #1: The Epic Lineup

There are very few occasions today when the word “epic” really does a situation some descriptive justice. With legends like PANTyRAiD, Shpongle, Bluetech, Thriftworks, Andrellien (just to name a few) this lineup is definitely one of them.

Featured Image Credit: Kolby Wall

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