10 Ways Enchanted Forest Celebrates Personal Empowerment

Photo by Guy Shechter

10 Ways Enchanted Forest Celebrates Personal Empowerment

Enchanted Forest is quickly approaching and if you’re still on the fence as to whether or not you want to purchase a ticket, let us do some convincing. As the years go by, new festivals pop up all over the country, established festivals are taking a hiatus, and other continue to live on. What keeps Enchanted Forest on the map is our unique approach to the festival scene and what we offer to our audience. We celebrate the uniqueness in everyone and we also try to offer tons of different workshops and lectures that will appeal to a large audience so that everyone has a chance to connect with others and learn something new. Connection, learning, playing, and being your authentic self is what we’re all about and we have realized that our festival encompasses loads of vessels for personal empowerment; and we love it! Here are 10 ways that Enchanted Forest celebrates and enhances personal empowerment.

“Free the nipple”

Enchanted Forest is an ally of the “free the nipple” movement. This means that those who feel safe and comfortable enough to bare their bodies are welcome to do so. The right to make autonomous choices about your own body is something that we stand for and is also something that is incredibly important in this day and age. The mainstream media has always been telling us what to do with our bodies. It is time we feel empowered enough to show our bodies in the ways that we want without judgement or stigma.

Kidslandia, a space for children

If you’re a parent and plan on bringing your kiddo to the festival this year then we welcome you and your family with open arms. We are inclusive of all families and even have a kid-friendly zone that offers lots of fun for the little ones. Parents may also purchase daycare passes in advance so that they can drop off the kids for a few hours and spend some time at the festival sans-offspring. This can be empowering for both children and adults. Children will have the opportunity to play with other children, enjoy a puppet show, yoga, or some face painting all while their parents can enjoy some time alone knowing that their children are safe and happy. We’ve got your back.

Alcohol-free Ethos  

Waking up clear-headed can be something that gets taken advantage of, but at Enchanted Forest we like our festival to be a dry one. “Get saucy, not sauced!” is our policy and we’ve stuck by it since the very beginning. When you are self-aware and your body is well taken care of, you have the ability to make clear and conscious decisions which can be an empowering act. If you can claim all of your thoughts, actions, and words with full responsibility it is empowering to know that you current reality is all on you and you have the power to make your life anything you want it to be.

A positive outlook

Photo by Jason Abraham - EFG 2015.

Photo by Jason Abraham – EFG 2015.

Finally, Enchanted Forest strives to provide a positive atmosphere for all of its participants. A safe, consensual, sexy, saucy, silly, and sacred space is what this gathering is made of and nothing but empowerment comes from a positive outlook on life. Positivity can not only keep your mind and body healthy but it also helps keep you on track with your goals and dreams. Years ago, Enchanted Forest was just a vision and now it has blossomed into something great with the hard work from numerous people. Goals and a positive outlook on life can bring you to great places and we want to be able to provide something that all of our attendees can take home and utilize. If you’re positive, you’re confident, and confidence is a key to empowerment.


Consent is something that we take very seriously. Not only is consent sexy, but it is mandatory. If you’re interested in participating in a dance, conversation, or intimate moment with someone else and you get their consent, sometimes nothing is more empowering than embarking on a new journey or experience with that person. Being all-in with someone is kind of like growing your own set of fairy wings and flying to new adventures: completely liberating and exciting. When you ask for someone’s consent you are giving them a chance to make and own their decisions as well as giving yourself the gift of respect and humility. Whether you get turned down or not, you have to admit that it is empowering to ask and give consent.

Do-It-Yourself (DIYs)

We’ve already mentioned the array of workshops offered this year but one thing that needs to be pointed out is all of the DIY-ing that is possible at Enchanted Forest. What’s can be more empowering than doing-it-yourself? Be sure to check out workshops that will teach you how to craft your own herbal tinctures, how to create raw food dishes, how to create your own probiotic beverages, and much more. There’s something to be said about the feelings you get when you set your own goals and create something for yourself, all by yourself.

Comedy and laughter

Yes, there will be a LOL Comedy Stage at the festival this year. Laughter is a powerful medicine and it is extremely empowering to be able to laugh and make others laugh. You know how you feel after you laugh so much that you cry? You feel almost refreshed and carefree after a laugh-session like that and we embrace the “silly” at our festival as much as possible. Laugh and play as much as you want, be as goofy as you can. Laughter is a tool that we can use in our everyday lives and when we learn to laugh at ourselves and the things around us we have power.

Workshops galore

Photo by Guy Shechter

Photo by Guy Shechter

If you haven’t glanced around the Enchanted Forest website yet, we highly recommend that you do so. You will notice that there are numerous workshops that are being held this year that focus on topics like relationships and sexuality, science and spirituality, nourishment, and health and wellness. Something that we cherish and love to promote is the ability to learn new skills as well as brush up on current skills. Learning and discovering your strengths are things that can only help you grow as a human being and can definitely lead you on a path of empowerment.

Community support

Enchanted Forest has always had an eclectic lineup that has included musical artists from all across the country and we strive to bring our audience what they want. In addition, we also like to support our friends and family by encouraging their musical endeavors. A few names on each year’s lineup will be those of our friends and family who are either breaking into the realm of music or are already well-known in some capacity. We enjoy supporting our friends and empowering them by giving them a space to do what they love. When you feel supported you can do some great things.

Healthy relationships

Heterosexual relationships are often workshopped and talked about but at our gathering we also appreciate and validate the relationships that don’t follow societal norms. If you’re interested in an open relationship, a polyamorous relationship, or just interested in ways you can spice up your current relationship, Enchanted Forest has what you are looking for. It is important to feel safe and confident in your relationships with others and we want to celebrate the unique path you have chosen. Boundaries, open communication, and other respect-centric tools are things that we value and we want to offer these especially important tools to everyone for healthy, happy relationships. Not only are healthy relationships happy ones but they are also empowering.


Join us at this year’s festival and explore all of the different ways in which you can feel empowered and celebrated. Enchanted Forest is one of the most potent containers for love, growth, and laughter and you deserve to treat yourself to this magical event.

Featured Photo Credit: Guy Shechter

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