3 Movements for Natural Energy Flow at Enchanted Forest

Photo by Jazzwall Arts.

3 Movements for Natural Energy Flow at Enchanted Forest

We all know that feeling… it’s the morning of day three and the sun beats down through your tent. You wake up to beads of sweat dripping down your face after just a few measly hours of rest. You look around and the campground is somehow already buzzing. As delighted as you are to wake up in a dream land, your energetic output was so extreme yesterday, your body lusts for a ‘pause’ button… or at least a cup of hot coffee.
Before you reach for the caffeine, which might spike your energy level and drop it by noon, consider headin’ over to the river or finding a peaceful spot amongst the trees to do some Qi Gong, with which you can awaken an energy flow that sustains you naturally all day. You can learn these movements at the Qi Gong Full Body Flow workshop taught by Lewis Lee Regen, a Certified Qi Gong Instructor, who teaches classes at the University of California in Santa Cruz.
If you’re looking to enchant your world with vitality, Lewis will be sharing simple and potent tools to empower yourself.
Photo by Jazzwall Arts

Photo by Jazzwall Arts

“When practicing Qi Gong in nature, ones senses naturally open and align to the magnificent experience of being alive in this magical universe,” Lewis said. “Sensing that you are the whole universe expressing itself and growing through an ever changing and expanding perspective.”
Qi Gong translates to “cultivating life force,” which can be an especially important task on your festival planning list, as our energetic output tend to spike with deep immersion. With the big weekend just two weeks away, Lewis has shared three key movements for those ready to start building their natural energy flow today.

Opening your eyes to the sky…

Go outside.
Inhale. Lift your arms to the universe, open your eyes and smile.
Exhale. Palms face towards the top of your head and come down. The whole body relaxes as the eyes look within.

Planting your feet like roots…

If you can, take your shoes off.
Inhale. Face your palms to the Earth, lift your arms as you spread your fingers and toes.
Exhale. Relax and sink your roots down into the earth. As the arms come down, sink the whole body straight down in perfect alignment.

Opening your heart and embracing the tree…

Find a friendly tree or just use your imagination. (Connecting with Trees Naturally Awakens our Life Force and balances the energy flow.)
Inhale. Lift your arms in front of you and then open to the sides. Face your palms toward one another, smile inwardly to your heart.
Exhale. Let your arms embrace the tree like you are giving it a hug. Sink down into your roots and stay here for awhile…
Photo by Jazzwall Arts

Photo by Jazzwall Arts

To learn more Qi Gong practices and tips, visit Lewis’s website, and be sure to catch his workshop at the festival.

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