3 Qi Gong Keys to Deepen Your Connection with Nature

Photo by Harmonic Light

3 Qi Gong Keys to Deepen Your Connection with Nature

“When Practicing Qi Gong in Nature one’s Senses Naturally open and align to the Magnificent experience of being alive in this magical universe… Sensing that you are the whole Universe expressing itself and growing through an ever changing and expanding perspective.”

Lewis Lee Regen, Enchanted Forest Qi Gong Instructor

3 Key Qi Gong Movements to Awakening a Deeper Natural Energy Flow:

1. Opening your Eyes to the Sky… Go outside.

Inhale ~ Lift your arms to the universe, Open your Eyes and Smile.

Exhale ~ Palms face towards the top of your head and come down the whole body relaxes as the eyes look within.

2. Planting your Feet like roots… If you can, take your shoes off.

Inhale ~ Palms face the Earth, arms lift as fingers and toes spread.

Exhale ~ Relax and sink your roots down into the earth as the arms come down sink the whole body straight down in perfect alignment.

3. Opening your heart and Embracing the Tree… Find a friendly Tree or just use your imagination.

Inhale ~ Lift Arms in front of you and then open to the sides Palms face toward one another, smile inwardly to your heart.

Exhale ~ Let your arms embrace the Tree like you are giving a hug. Sink down into your roots and stay here for awhile. Connecting with Trees Naturally Awakens our Life Force and balances the energy flow.

Practice daily and Learn about the Instructor here.


Photo Credit: Reid Godshaw / Harmonic Light

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