4 Things About Enchanted Forest that Really Give Us The Feels

Photo by Jazzwall Arts

4 Things About Enchanted Forest that Really Give Us The Feels

We are all about to enter a very unique experience fueled by our shared love of nature and each other. Enchanted Forest is a realm of its own that promotes community, expression, honesty, and respect. Here we come together as a family. There are a lot of parts that fuel the creation and wonder of our experience at Enchanted Forest Gathering, but here are a few that really give us the feels.

BLACK OAK RANCH This place has a long history of gatherings. With its long history, the space is a source of inspiration in its own right. This forest has taken on a spirit of its own. So, don’t forget to thank its trees for welcoming us, and its earth for holding us, and its winds for lifting our spirits as we dance. There also happens to be a labyrinth on the Black Oak Ranch site. Labyrinths are used to promote expansion of the mind and spirit. There are many incredible forces at work here. It is sacred, and spirited, and blessed- as are we for getting to gather here. With that in mind, lets coexist respectfully with the earth and be responsible by leaving nothing but footprints when we leave.


COEXISTENCE We are coming together to build a community. This is a place where expansion is encouraged so you’ll find yourself and others are a little more open to let spirit guide you. There is enchantment in us all, so when we come together don’t be surprised if those forces carry you to a naturally fluid state. When powered by positive intentions, love, and respect, you’ll find that people are inherently beautiful and at heart they are really kind. When we come here, we can all learn from each other too. Many folks serve the community as a force of positivity and light. That means they take care of each other and the space by accepting the role in this fairy-tale forum. If you would like to contribute some time and be a part of our incredible family, ask how to be more involved!

MAGIC When elements collide, and spirits dance- things happen. There is a pure harmony that comes from being among the trees, with a body of water, the crackle of an open flame, and the vibrations of the music gyrating through our beings. Not to mention, August 14th is the NEW MOON. This is an ideal time to cast your intentions for the days ahead. The individual strength of all of the energies gathering here will allow us all to tap into something big and beautiful. To move under the moonlight and learn more about some of the workshops that can help you discover incredible things about the world and yourself visit Sacred Spaces and prepare to be charmed.


YOU A pinch of your energy, a dash of your light and a big scoop of your spirit! Those are the special ingredients to the Enchanted Forest Gathering. Every single one of us has something to add to this experience and your contribution is our favorite part. In fact, that’s why we celebrate YOU so much! Come and be your truest self as only you can be with the knowledge that when you come to the Enchanted Forest, you are entering a safe space of acceptance and love. Come.

Let your soul breathe and your spirit soar. We can’t wait to dance with you!


Featured Image Photo Credit: Jazzwall Arts

Yulita Zavada

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