5 Amazing Things to Do on Your Way to Enchanted Forest

Photo by Jazzwall Arts

5 Amazing Things to Do on Your Way to Enchanted Forest

Whether you’re planning on showing up just in time for the first light of August 14th or you want to take advantage of the early arrival pass and show up a little sooner, most folks on their way to Enchanted Forest have a bit of a drive ahead of them. Knowing that, it seems like a good idea to make the best of the trip so why not make it a fun one with some entertaining stops along the way? There are all sorts of unexpected encounters to find enroute but many of the best gems along the way you’ll pass on by if you’re not prepared to do a little exploring.

Luckily for you, we’ve done a lot of the exploring already so we’ve brought you a little gift to enhance your journey with some next level adventure.

Here are 5 things to do on your way to (or from) Enchanted Forest:

  1. Drive through a Redwood in Leggett. Yes, through a Redwood. The road. It goes through a tree. 😉
  2. Get a Bite to Eat. Stop for Something Healthy and Delicious at the Goodlife Cafe and Bakery. With plenty of gluten-free and organic options there’s something to eat for everybody at this local favorite.
  3. Visit the Hot Springs. Reservations are required at the Orr Hot Springs Resort, so plan in advance but the natural hot springs feed local pools and tubs and saunas. The massages are definitely another treat. There is also a communal kitchen and lovely scenery to explore.
  4. Check out Glass Beach! Once upon a time, this place used to be a landfill but it was cleaned up and now the leftover glass has been transformed by nature into something amazing. Pro tip: A new coastal trail on the north end of Fort Bragg goes right by it.
  5. See a Giant. If you’re lucky enough to be traveling South on the 101 you’ll be cruising right through the heart of redwood country where some of the most eldest and majestic trees reside. Stop at the Avenue of the Giants – there are many ancient beauties just begging to be hugged!

Many of us will find new experiences while on the way to Enchanted Forest and we encourage exploration but if you’re trying to keep to a schedule and still need to pencil in some squishy feels along the way make one or two of these stops along the way. You won’t regret it.

These woods are a marvel that for nature-lovers is nothing short of a spiritual experience. In fact, if the forest is your church, get ready for revival because this is a place that heals, feeds and grows something for us all. The magic of this place, to me, is definitely in the friendships we make here, with each other, but the enchantment lives in the trees.

Indeed, with all these sights to see we’ll understand if it takes you a little longer than expected to get here – so long as you do get here!

Where will you stop along the way? What adventures would you recommend to all your new festival friends? Tell us in the comments below!


Featured Image by Jazzwall Arts

Graham Berry