5 Saucy Sex Workshops at Enchanted Forest

Photo by Jazzwall Arts

5 Saucy Sex Workshops at Enchanted Forest

The festival community is a curious one. It’s open and sexually expressive, especially the one surrounding Enchanted Forest, but there is always something new to learn. As a community it is empowering to learn about our own sex and sexuality because it helps us learn what we like, what we don’t like, where our boundaries are, and how we can effectively communicate with others.

These are topics that should empower us – not intimidate us.

At Enchanted Forest, there will be numerous workshops that will provide a safe place for learning and healthy dialogue about love, sex, gender and relationships. While the container of Enchanted Forest creates space for these experiences it is the love and respect for eachother that make this a safe environment. That said, it’s best to keep in mind that the sauce may be sexy, but consent is always cool. Also, try not to stare too long if someone chooses to liberate themselves from their clothing. Make an effort to participate in workshops that are centered around sexuality so you can learn what it feels like to be voluntarily vulnerable. Also, if possible, try not to disrupt another person’s intimate moment whether it is through dance, emotional expression, or something else.

Below are a few short descriptions of the workshops we can look forward to at Enchanted Forest, for the spirited types looking to expand the mind on all things sexy.

Photo by Aaron Cyrus Dorr

Photo by Aaron Cyrus Dorr

Interested in polyamory? Dr. Kelly Neff and Jimmy Ohm will be hosting a workshop called “Poly 101 – An Introduction to Ethically Exploring Sexual and Emotional Intimacy with Multiple Partners.” This workshop will focus on polyamorous relationships, open relationships, and sexual intimacy with multiple partners. If polyamory is something that interests you or is something you just want to understand more, enjoy opening up to the possibility of different levels and types of relationships.

Dr. Kelly Neff will also be teaching, “Getting Freaky in the Garden: Using Plant Medicine to Enhance Your Sex Life” which combines Mother Earth and her abundancy to help us create a healthier sexual life on multiple levels.

Kouros Alaee will be bringing us, “Other Genders Circle: A Safe Space for Exploring Gender Identity outside the Masculine-Feminine Binary” which will explore the possible fluidity between genders. Gender and sexuality is a very large spectrum, and Kouros will be discussing and supporting the different varieties of gender.

Robert Allen and Lasara Firefox Allen are bringing, “Conscious Open Relationships with Robert and Lasara” and will be discussing the different facets of open relationships. He and Lasara will be addressing common points like jealousy, open communication, and will be providing an abundant amount of information.

Finally, Vera Cruz will be presenting, “Yoni Egg Practice- Nurturing the Womb”. She will be sharing her knowledge on the yoni egg practice, a practice which can benefit the health of the womb. Vera will be covering the ancient practice along with releasing womb trauma, herbs for yoni, uterine, and hormonal balance, and guided womb meditation.

Sexuality is a personal part of our identities and Enchanted Forest is one of the few festivals that facilitate an opportunity for its attendees to learn more about these things that aren’t commonly discussed. Many of us strive to be healthy and conscious with our bodies whether it is the food we ingest, the hygiene products we use, or our exercise regimen. Finally the day has arrived where we can add sexual health and expression to the list of things that we care deeply about so that they can be shared, discussed and explored freely – with love.

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