7 Ways Our 7th Year Will Be Our Best Yet

Photo by Jacob Avanzato

7 Ways Our 7th Year Will Be Our Best Yet

Every seven years the cells of our bodies regenerate, essentially creating a new person in seven year cycles. Every so often, we are reborn, cell by cell, bit by bit, step by step… until one day, we’re completely transformed…

We may not even notice this subtle process, it’s beyond the veil of everyday awareness. Noticed or not, we are constantly in flux. If there’s one constant in life, it’s change.

Seven Years. Wow. It’s hard to believe that this will be the seventh year of Enchanted Forest. What a cycle it has been! We’ve gone from very humble beginnings of just a few hundred folks in 2012 in the heart of the Mendocino redwoods to around 4,000 last year at Black Oak Ranch, just a hop over the hill from where we began. And through it all, our community has steadily grown, our roots have deepened and our circle has widened.

There are many reasons our seventh year together will be an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss, but let’s start with seven reasons it will be THE BEST. EVER. PERIOD. (Ok, so we might be a little excited…)

Photo by Alyssa Keys

Photo by Alyssa Keys

7. Under a June Full Moon…

We love summer, but July and August can get seriously HOT. We prefer the heat come from our sick lineup instead of the roasting sun, and having a nice bright full moon to light up the night is just another bonus of our move to the second weekend in June.

6. The Dance Won’t Stop

Speaking of our move to June, it allows us to have sound all night since there’s no neighboring kids’ camp in session. So we’re going back to the roots of EFG with all-night music. Pack those dancing shoes—no matter the hour, you’ll be able to find somewhere to get your boogie on. 

5. The Lazy River Isn’t So Low

Mendocino county experienced record rainfall this past winter after years of drought. The hills are looking green, the streams are flowing, and we are betting that the swimmin’ hole at Black Oak Ranch is gonna be an even bigger hit than usual. Bring your floaties and cool off in the water while you sip some Revive Kombucha to the sounds of the Lazy River stage.

4. We’ve Been There, Done That

After six annual events, three venues and a whole helluva lot of blood, sweat, and tears, not to mention years of experience working with other events under our belts, the Enchanted team has been around the block a few times. We’ve tried a few things, some have worked, some haven’t. We’ve reached out to our community for feedback and adjusted as we go along. That is the beauty of staying small — adapting more easily. We’ve had time to work out the kinks, and though we can’t promise perfection, we can promise that we’ve read and considered each one of your comments, and we’re pretty stoked about how far we have come.

Photo by Brie'Ana Breeze

Photo by Brie’Ana Breeze

3. We Aim to Uplevel

With top notch production, a huge variety of content, and a deep desire to please our devoted fans, we aim to outdo ourselves each and every year. This year we’re adding new experiences and environments—like the LOLounge where you can catch some comedy. We’re adding workshop categories like Activism & Social Justice, and upgrading our sound—like how about four corner Funktion-Ones in the Saucy Spa? We are constantly adjusting based on feedback from our community and trying to one-up ourselves as we incorporate your creative ideas, all while maintaining the essence that makes Enchanted special. 

2. Perfecting the Recipe of The Sauce

There’s something really amazing about the community that has grown around EFG. It’s SO special, so clever and creative, quite unique and yet with so much overlap with other awesome scenes, a mix of all things Sacred, Sexy, Silly, and Saucy that we simply refer to as The Sauce. It’s the key that helps tie the variety of disparate parts of this event together into one delicious and glorious concoction. Each year, the recipe is tweaked just a bit, with new spices added as the flavor develops. And in Lucky Year #7, we’re SO excited to taste the latest blend…


There isn’t much else we need to say about this one. You’ve been asking, we’ve been listening, and with some kind of brilliant stroke of luck, we were able to make it happen. Joining us in his only California appearance in 2017 is Dave Tipper, filling The Grove with his unique soundscape upon glorious stacks of Funktions. We are beyond thrilled to fill our four stages with amazing talent this year, get some local crews involved and offer a delightful variety of genres, but Tipper is the icing AND the cherry on this enchanted cake. And it’s gonna be delicious! (See the Full Music Lineup). 

Photo by Matthew Cremer

The only ingredient we’re missing in this recipe now is YOU!

So, have we convinced you that this is the year to Get Enchanted? Wonderful! We’ll see you June 9th-11th, 2017 under the shade of the oaks at beautiful Black Oak Ranch.

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Megan Pru

Megan lives on the Mendocino coast, enjoys playing with flow props, and helps with all things marketing & social media on the Enchanted Forest team.

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