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When we are receptive to learning, we make ourselves more open to true transformation

Community Empowerment

Seeking and sharing of knowledge.

With a world-renowned lineup of instructors, skilled teachers and masters offering a wide variety of workshops and skillshares, you can let curiosity be your guide, explore something new and get a galactivated download from a wisdom keeper while you’re at it.


We’ve consolidated our offerings this year at the Nexus to hosting one space for our activities. Located in the heart of Enchanted, there is always something to learn, share, and grow from!

Workshop, Yoga, Dance and Flow Instructors

Learn, explore, and grow with these community leaders.

Taylor Anderson
Christopher Jackson

Class Descriptions

Honoring Our Plant Teachers: Reciprocity through Communication

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul… we are connected to all things and all things are connected to us. With that understanding, we are able to gain the wisdom of our ancestors and teachers embodied in plant spirits. In this interactive workshop, we will discuss the history of communication with plants as teachers, sustainable practices in harvesting, & deepening our relationship to these beings. Participate or listen, they are open to share their knowledge.

Community Empowerment Song Circle

This is a circle for all people to come together in song, celebration, and commUNITY. Bridging empowerment practices of integrating consent culture with the power of sharing the voice through song and vulnerable shares. Throughout this circle we will rise together in singing while also tracking our experiences to help us understand what we feel in each moment and what that means for us in how we’d like to navigate our lives in a way that most serves us! Join us in this fulfilling communal connection.

Activating Somatic Intelligence: Boundaries & Desires

In this consensual and experiential container, we embark on a somatic journey into our personal relationship with boundaries and desires. We have the opportunity to feel and speak boundaries, investigate our needs and wants, give and receive feedback and practice resiliency in the face of it all. We will create a safe yet affirming environment where we can understand, forgive and re-evaluate the parts of ourselves that may inhibit us from sharing our truth with authenticity and confidence.

Conscious Evolution: Biology, ancestry, and how to direct future change

How did humans evolve to have self-aware consciousness? How has human culture been evolving over time and why did spirituality appear? How can the blessings that we inherited from our ancestors constrain our current reality? And how can we move to the next level of our potential? In this workshop we will go back in time and uncover the biological and cultural processes that led to the current state of affairs and also develop the tools to aid in next major cultural shift, our Conscious Evolution

The Transparent Sexual Pursuit

A discussion on clear, concise communication that allows us to better verbalize our intentions, wants, needs and desires when choosing to pursue someone with whom we have an attraction towards, or sexual interest in. We will focus on the topics of consent, consistent consent, transparent communication, rejection, rewarding positive behavior and what the transparent sexual pursuit looks like. We will take the opinions, suggestions and examples of the group and use them in a role-playing activity.

Cryptoanarchy: Consensual Economics and Governance via Decentralized Technology

Festival culture provides a container in which we can transform into planetary citizens with the skills necessary to thrive in a voluntary society. Decentralized technologies are powerful tools in augmenting and solidifying this transformation within our culture. Not only do these technologies afford us a means of establishing currencies with more ideal properties, they also allow us to self-organize and co-create with consensual, voluntary, peer-to-peer governance and economic models.

Endocannabinoid System Realization

This workshop shall offer a comprehensive look at the endocannabinoid system – its purpose, importance, and how it functions as a homeostatic regulator. With an emphasis on pre-clinical and clinical medical science understanding, cannabis will be illustrated as the plant that opened up the knowledge of this system and how this plant can be used, with its myriad of therapeutic components, as a catalyst for toning the ECS.

Healthy Masculinity - A Dialogue

A guided group chat and safe space for people to gather and discuss masculinity. Nothing is off limits and no one will be judged for expressing their real challenges and questions as we begin to reexamine masculinity and the gender roles for men. This is about honest discourse and finding our truth as masculine humans.

Us Too: Healing Sexual Trauma, Releasing Sexual Guilt and Shame

During this workshop we will go over how sexual trauma can remain in the body and subconscious, predetermining choices, actions and behaviors; and discussion on shifting limiting beliefs about sexuality. This program includes a group Healing Meditation for survivors and their community.

What I REALLY Want!

This somatic and didactic exploration will have you discover, “What you REALLY want.” The workshop consists of guided visualizations, dyad exercises, group shares and vocalizations. You will be lead through the mental barriers that inhibit the realization of what you truly desire. Come get clear on what you really want.

Flow State: poi for beginners

This is a class offered to people who already have well practiced the basics of poi and even for those who haven’t! It will cover theory, how to move with basic tricks and how to expand basic patterns using grid work and planes!

Dragonstaff All Levels

Teaching the matrix pathway in contact staff and the different variations within the concept. A fun new move with a stick!

The Art of Flow

In this single hoop workshop, there will be a delicious mixture of hoop dance technique, movement theory and self-exploration with an emphasis on precision, body-awareness and full body movements. We will explore how we can translate hoop geometry and concepts into body movements to inspire a fresh perspective on using our body as a prop. Each student will leave class with a choreographed dance inspired hoop sequence to use as inspiration for their future flow sessions.

Helical /Horizontal Flowers and Hybrids W/ Poi

Topics Covered

– Tricoil Helical Flowers (3CHF)*
– Quadcoil Helical Flowers (4CHF)*
– Tog /Opp Helical Flowers
– Helicular Extenstions
– Bending from Helical to toroidal to 2D*
– Bending from Helical to 2D Space
– Helical stalls
– Diagonal Helicals
– 4CHF Vs 4PASF (4 pedal Antispin Flower)*
– 4CHF Vs 4LTF (4 Lobe Toroidal Flower)*
(left hand Antibend right hand helical until more versatile.)
– Quarter time with Helicals*

The Rainbow Parachute

The rainbow parachute is fun and engaging group activity for kids of all ages! The rainbow parachute has been available at Enchanted Forest in the past…but some folks aren’t quite sure what to do with it! Join us to play with kids and adults while we facilitate several games and activities we can all enjoy together. There will be games aimed at toddlers, some for school-age kids, and some that we just can’t pull off without the adults! Bring your family!

Twin Twisting HoopDance

Double your pleasure with TWO hoops!
This intermediate PLAYshop Interweaves energies, creating sacred geometry patterns, focusing on transitions/ plane changes, while honing our spacial awareness.  With Twins, one can become more ambidextrous; further bridging the neural connections between both sides of the brain, resulting in improved hand-eye coordination & increased balance/ focus, while activating the brain’s logical/ emotional, feminine/ masculine sides simultaneously.
Some hoops provided.

Experience Infinite Joy with The Tangle!

Come untangle your relationship power struggles in a playful way incorporating dance, personal development & healing. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been playing a game of tug-o-war with your partner when it comes to who’s “in charge” or if you’ve ever wish you and your partner could dance together with more freedom yet still be deeply connected, if you want a new way of exercising together that makes you laugh and can even turn you on, then come check out the Tangle Dance!

Love At First Dance: Navigating Space, Connection and Freedom

The dance floor is the playground to meet body to body, where souls communicate through movement, gesture, & touch. In this playshop, you will be introduced to skills and techniques inspired by contact improv, partner fusion, and tango dance modalities. Learn to dance with the elements and safely invite, and accept dances utilizing energetic consent, nonverbal communication, and playfulness. Join KristaLove to build confidence, trust in freedom, thrive in connection, and embody authenticity.

Dance Is Life

This class is dynamic Zen, body/mind connection, human awareness, and FREEstyle (to be free of style.) It is primal, inclusive, basic and advance. Movers will discover more about themselves and therefore the world around them; Keys to life, living and loving. We will work both solo, duo and in groups. This lecture & dance workshop fusion is a movement catalyst, life changer and a whole lot of fun!

Free Your Ass and Your Mind Will Follow

The Booty Centrus Twerkshop will have you droppin’ it like it’s hot! Learn to pop, lock, vibrate, isolate, drop it to the floor and werk’ your sexy wild primal self in a safe space. Let the movement be your medicine, shed layers and have fun!

Belly Dance Fusion Combos and Technique For Beginners

This class will explore the fundamentals of various dance styles including tribal belly dance, cabaret, modern, ballet, and hip-hop. This class is perfect for beginners; I will cover the basics of safe dance technique. Movements will be broken down, drilled and developed into fun and original dance combinations. This class will help enhance student’s creativity on the dance floor by exploring fusion and drawing from a variety of dance styles and movements through choreography and free-style.


This class is far away from traditional yoga; and is a heart opening and liberating practice for free spirits, rebels, and rule breakers alike. Power Vinyasa and EDM will be blended together as bass drops, transitions, and tension & release combine their forces together to propel you ecstatically across your mat. Dancing in poses will be taught as part of the practice, but most of the time space will be held for you to become your own teacher as you move your body in your own authentic way.

Be The One... That Has Everything With Grace and Ease!

This somatic and didactic exploration will have you discover, “What you REALLY want.” The workshop consists of guided visualizations, dyad exercises, group shares and vocalizations. You will be lead through the mental barriers that inhibit the realization of what you truly desire. Come get clear on what you really want.

Deep Stretch Slow Flow

This is a sweet, juicy, deep stretch slow hatha flow that will bring your mind to the moment and prep your body for the dance floor. Slow and lengthen the breath to journey deep in the hips and hamstrings.

Sound Healing Slow Flow Yoga

Join Wendy Faith and Cyrena Giordano on a relaxing yoga and sound-healing journey. This slow flow practice will unwind the body while an array of live instruments will unwind your mind. Relax your nervous system with the calming vibration of singing bowls, flutes, chimes and more in this oasis away from the electronic realms. Our collectively created sacred space will allow you to ground fully, breathe deeply, stretch mindfully and align your being with presence, focus, intention and love.