Peep the Lineup for our Shower Foam Party from Dr. Bronners

Peep the Lineup for our Shower Foam Party from Dr. Bronners

For a number of years the good folks at Burning Man’s most bath-tastic Theme Camp, Camp Abraxus, have brought one of the most celebrated shower experiences to the Playa. Of course, I’m speaking about Dr. Bronner‘s Magic Foam Experience. In it, folks who are either squads or perfect strangers climb into an elevated plexiglass box where they are dowsed in an omnidirectional bubble bath blaster. The suds and splashing make for a disorienting but hilarious show for any spectators on the outside while for anybody inside the lathering and hippy smiles pretty much tell the whole story. There’s nothing quite like a party in the shower. But then again, we thought, what’s a party without music?

With that in mind we set out to turn one of Burning Man’s most memorable bathing experiences into a stage all its own with a complimentary lineup with more of the saucy squish you love.  This year after you get dirty on the dancefloor come join us for a dance party unlike anything you’ll experience outside the playa. Joining us on the decks we’ll have tantalizing sets from ChrisB, Mihkal, Soohan, Djedi and a whole lot more each day from 11am to 8pm! Check out our complete lineup below for a splash of celebration and a refreshing sprits of fun. We’re sure you’ll find it’s just what the doctor ordered – Dr. Bronner, of course!

For details on the Saucy Spa brought to you by the Nectar Temple please see the pricing, hours of operation and other information here.

Featured Image Credit: Robin Russell

Graham Berry

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