Artist Spotlight: OZZIE

Artist Spotlight: OZZIE


For those of you sleeping on Ozzie, he seems to put a bit more romance into his music than the other “Trap” producers, which makes the ladies super swoon.

The Brighton-based producer, Ben O’Neill, has been uploading gold onto Soundcloud for the better part of three years. As well as firing off his own originals, he’s done remixes of Adele, Drake, Oh Wonder, Roy WoodS and more, layering each in his own potent combination of after-dark beats and woozy, drunk vocals.



OZZIE - see me

The 22 year old has been touring the world flying from Europe to USA to China to Australia and while doing so clocking up 10s of millions of plays on Soundcloud meaning he’s pretty much a master at this music thing now.


DOLCE X OZZIE – Do What it Do (Featured in HBO’s Silicon Valley)

His consistent uploads online has lead to his music being featured on HBO, 20th Century Fox, Vice, Adidas, Nissan just to name a few.



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