Autograf on Spirit Animals, Justice and Giving Back [INTERVIEW]

Autograf on Spirit Animals, Justice and Giving Back [INTERVIEW]

When the three artists Mikul, Jake and Louis banded together to create a new sound they initially hoped to bring back real instruments and voices with soul to enrich the electronic sounds of the day. What emerged from their combined efforts was imaginative, unprecedented. Their music was eaten up on blogs as one chart after the next put Autograf’s tracks consistently in the top 5. With groovy tempos and a laundry list of remixes of tracks by everyone from Fatboy Slim to Odesza the group has come into their own offering an alternative to the glitch-heavy electronic sounds of the day. In smooth beatbreaks with a futuristic flair these guys have come to share the next evolution in electronic music with sounds that somehow bridge the divide between the legends of the past and the up and coming stars of the stage.

We caught up with Autograf to talk about their past as Artists, Spirit Animals and what the future holds. Here’s what they had to say!

What sort of Art did you work on before you started making music together?
Mikul was doing silk screening, stencil, and street art, while Jake was focused on metal sculpture.

What’s your spirit animal?
Mikul – I hadn’t thought about this much so I asked a friend and they said I would be a Koala or a Crow…but maybe I need to embark on a spiritual journey soon to find out for myself.
Jake – Eagle
Louis – Panther

What are some of the visual accompaniments that we can expect to experience with your set at Enchanted Forest?
Festivals can always be tough but we plan on doing our full live show while working within the visual constraints of the stage to do something unique.

What festival artists inspire you musically? What do you want to achieve in the future together for music?
Justice was a big inspiration to us and it was awesome to see them back with a new song. They created something visually simple that just worked so well to accompany their style of music for shows. We want to continue to expand our live show both with new instruments and custom interactive art that is reactive to what we are playing.

Nature is an important part of our ethos at EF. How important is nature in your creative process? In other words, do you seek the outdoors to stimulate creativity or do you stay in the city?
We all live in cities Chicago, New York, and LA but even in those cities it’s easy to escape with parks and walking trails to help clear the mind.

How do you want to be remembered?
For inspiring others to #LeaveYourAutograf. The whole mantra of to “leave your autograf” comes from our belief that everyone should find what they are passionate about and give back with it. Leave their autograph on the world.

Featured Image by Kyle Buckland

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