Bob “Helped guide me back to a safe place”, says DRRTYWULVZ [INTERVIEW]

Bob “Helped guide me back to a safe place”, says DRRTYWULVZ [INTERVIEW]

Austin based producer DRRTYWULVZ, has got plenty in store for this summer.  The rising artist has harnessed the ancient future sound and is sharing his signature sound and art with the world. Releasing track after track without sacrificing one iota of quality. Levi’s musical output is creatively expansive. His sets have engaged, empowered and enthralled listeners across the globe.

For this reason, we wanted to know more about DRRTYWULVZ. what people thought of his sound. His spiritual influences that permeate his sound and what he has in the works for Enchanted Forest and the festival circuit.

What’s the lasting impression you hope people have of your sound?

Over the years my sound and intentions have changed greatly, but recently I’ve been tuning into sounds that cause less distraction and create more interaction and inspiration. I’ve tried to push myself to create different types of music for different environments, and I’ve wound up having fun with a lot of hybridized styles that I hope will assist people in letting go momentarily, or inspiring someone to live these few moments we have together with passion, expression, opening up to new ideas and feelings together.

What is one sub-genre of music you think doesn’t get the attention it deserves?

I’d say psychedelic drum and bass. It’s still forming as a culture, alongside the down-tempo DnB scene, but soon I feel the types of open thinking “true psychedelic” music requires, will reach more of the sub-genres like DnB.

Is the wolf your spirit animal? How did you discover the affinity you have for WULVS?

At the time of the name creation, I was yet to know my spirit animal but had a hidden passion for Wolves. My interest in them has come me out over the years as I’ve been developing this side project, though the name was intended originally for a collaborative project that never really launched. With my love for wolves and my dislike of deciding on monikers, I’ve pressed on and proudly represented the lighthearted, yet seriously wonky “DRRTYWULVZ” name, in hopes I can surprise more and more people with new music to make memories with.

Have you ever had a spiritual experience listening to music? If so, what happened?

Yes. I’ve had a contrast of different spiritual experiences. This is one of my most memorable experiences. Oddly enough I was listening to Bob Marley, someone I didn’t listen to enough at the time, but me and a few friends all tried DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) for the first time ever. I had no idea what I was getting into, I had been given a little too much as well. I remember feeling a fear of no return as the whole universe shifted and I could feel myself outside of my body, I wound up approaching the fears I was experiencing and overcoming a spiritual tension, seeing what was possible, but the music had a hold of me, and helped guide me back to a safe place, and the impression of that tune will never leave me. (Bob Marley – Rebel Hop)

What are you most looking forward to at Enchanted Forest? Do you have any surprises in store for us?

A: The stellar lineup and amazing gathering that is sure to sweep me off my feet, again… 🙂 This time I’m returning with my wonderful girlfriend, her birthday is also on Friday (the day I’m playing).

B: Revealing my side project “Path of the Moose to all the Enchanted Forest family. Collaborating with a close friend (Know Matter), we’ve created some “Alien booty bumpin’ frequencies” that will be helping contribute to the weird sounds happening that weekend.

C: Seeing Dragonfly and giving that guy a crazy big hug!

What current projects are you working on? Share a bit about what fans can look forward to this summer.

Aside from Path of the Moose, DRRTYWULVZ is working on several collaborations, including artists like Quixotic, Erothyme, Supersillyus, Drumspyder, Detox Unit and more. Expect a full length album in September via Street Ritual, along with some promising video/visual plans for the end of the year.

Jonathan Akbari

As a festival goer for the past 12 years, some of the most powerful and impactful moments have been in the festival face. I always wanted to give back to the community that helped shaped me. Through writing and sharing the experience, I strive to unite and galvanize everyone's experience. My favorite events have been Symbiosis in 2012, Lightning In A Bottle in 2010, Envision 2015 and Burning Man