Build the Hype with Enchanted Forest Playlists!

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Build the Hype with Enchanted Forest Playlists!

Do you know all 124 artists on our lineup? We bet you don’t! It’s always a good idea to check out what each artist sounds like because you’re bound to miss something amazing otherwise. Even if you do, our team has built you some sample playlists to give you a little taste of what to expect. We’ve got playlists on both Spotify and Soundcloud that showcase highlights organized by stage. If you’re on the fence and haven’t bought your tickets yet, listening to these mixes is a great way to convince yourself to make the leap!

Clapping Porpoise Studios

The Grove 

Under the black oak trees, flanked by Funktion Ones is our centerpiece, the Grove Stage. Here you will find many flavors of electronic from Drum n Bass to Glitch Hop to World Dance music.

Grove Stage on Soundcloud

Grove Stage on Spotify

Edward Clynes

Edward Clynes

The Knoll 
Get your funk on with the juicy tunes over at the Knoll Stage. The Knoll will be home to live music of all different types, but especially ones that make you wanna wiggle.

Knoll Stage on Soundcloud

Knoll Stage on Spotify

John Cody

Side Stages

If that isn’t enough for your earholes, we’ve got more! Squeeze in some extra dancing hours at the Lazy River by day & Saucy Spa by night. The aptly named Lazy River stage is right next to a cooling body of water, thanks to a very wet winter here in Norther California it should be fuller than any previous year EFG has been at Black Oak. The Saucy Spa stage will be open to all (and going all night) and since the stage is adjacent to our spa area featuring a sauna, foam tub party with refreshing peppermint foam, and showers, it’s definitely the sauciest dance party around. (Pro Tip: Get the Endless Saucy Spa pass for unlimited use of the spa facilities so you can enjoy the sounds of the Saucy Spa stage from the foam tub for some good clean FUN!)

Side Stages on Soundcloud

Side Stages on Spotify

Enjoy these mixes while you pack for Enchanted and on the road to Black Oak Ranch. We look forward to dancing with you under a June full moon, very VERY soon!

Zac Krohn

Born and raised in the Northern Bay Area, Zac started out blogging as a founding member of West Coast based Booms and Claps. His first festival, Earthdance, planted the seeds for an ever growing passion for all the weird sounding music and open heart connections that can be discovered at these gatherings. Can often be found dancing around with a camera capturing all the excitement of festival culture.

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