Why Enchanted Forest Gathering is a Small Festival With Big Vibes

Photo by Matthew Cremer

Why Enchanted Forest Gathering is a Small Festival With Big Vibes

Festivals are a personal experience. Some people are looking for huge events with tens of thousands of people. Some are looking for a more intimate experience with a smaller crowd. Some people want to attend an event that focuses on permaculture. Others want an event that is mainly about the music. What a “good” event is to you might be completely different for someone else. But what if you want a mix of all of the best parts of those different festivals? We present to you Enchanted Forest Gathering, because yes, we believe that we are bringing some of the best festival attributes to our event this year.

We’re not perfect, but we try to be pretty damn close. There are always things that can be improved and we try our best to listen to our audience’s feedback. In retrospect, we are a small event but we curate big vibes, especially this year. There’s at least 100 reasons why you need to join us this year, but we’ll narrow it down to just a few. First, we’re an underdog, on the underground side, and that is on purpose. We like throwing smaller scale events and we’re not trying to “blow up.” We aren’t known across the nation and we don’t have a massive budget. Our reputation is mostly spread by word of mouth; attendees who have had a great experience tell their friends, and bring them to our next event. Our annual attendance numbers hit at around 5,000 and there are no multiple hour long entrance or exit lines. We hear your sigh of relief, we hate long lines too!

Photo by Matthew Cremer

This year, we’re bringing you Tipper for his only performance in California, Nevada or Oregon in 2017, as well as Noisia, Opiuo, The Floozies, and SO many other big names. And you’ll get to experience all of it with only a few thousand other lucky people.

A convenience of Enchanted Forest Gathering is our size. Yes, size matters, at least in this sense. Our attendance numbers are that perfect comfy size where you’ll run into friends often instead of losing them in the crowd all weekend, and our festival grounds are easy to manage. There’s no walking 30 minutes from one campsite to another and no sprinting from one stage to the next just to catch your favorite act. We’re lucky enough to be able to stroll between environments without losing our breath at Enchanted, and even if you might be having a day where you feel tired and exhausted, your journey to whatever you want to do will not be strenuous. During recent years, the weather was indeed hot and sweaty, but this year, with our event being in June and California’s drought behind us, weather promises to be more mild and comfortable for everyone. It’s quite a luxury to have comfortable weather at festivals!

Photo by Nomadic Captures

Not only will the weather be enjoyable, but the full and flowing body of water running through Black Oak Ranch is another thing we’re looking forward to. Swimming will be great this year and believe us, you’ll definitely want to bring a floatie and your swim suit. Or just your birthday suit, whichever you prefer. With all of the rain we have had this year, the water is fresh, flowing, and just waiting to host our swimming bodies. Take advantage of the natural amenities at our venue and come take a dip with us! If swimming doesn’t suit you, don’t forget about our foam tub in the Saucy Spa. Refresh your skin with tingly peppermint foam while getting squeaky clean at the same time. It’s nothing like anything you’ve ever experienced before. How often do you get to lather up with your friends?

Finally, get ready to laugh your ass off with our newest addition, a dedicated comedy stage, the LOLounge! We’re welcoming both newcomers and veterans to our stage as well as hosting game shows and storytelling hours, so don’t be afraid to tell us those jokes you’ve been keeping to yourself. There’s nothing better than laughing together, with your friends or with strangers. Since we’re all about the community vibes here at Enchanted, we strongly believe that silliness and laughter brings the community together so we wanted to facilitate as much of it as possible. We are a sacred, sexy, silly, saucy festival after all, continually striving to live up to our festival pillars.

Photo by Edward Clynes Photo by Edward Clynes

Have we convinced you yet? We’re small but mighty here at Enchanted Forest Gathering and we truly are an intimate festival with big vibes. Each year we try to curate an amazing event for all of our attendees, but this year we’d like to think that we’ve really outdone ourselves. We can’t wait to reveal what else we have in store and we are excited to welcome you to Black Oak Ranch!

See you SOON!

Jazzy Cherie

A fiery yet compassionate Leo woman from the West Coast who is constantly inspired by the community bonds and innovation of festival culture. She has been sharing her written creations ever since her first festival, many of which focus on sex and sexuality, community building, and after-event reviews.

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