Enchanted Forest Takes the High Road: Becomes Second Festival to Offer Onsite Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Enchanted Forest Takes the High Road: Becomes Second Festival to Offer Onsite Medical Marijuana Dispensary

A long time ago Bob Dylan stood tall on a stage with his acoustic guitar. In a timeless moment, he smiled as he looked out to the crowd, puffed on a joint and prophetically announced to the world “the times they are a changin’”.

Today, in the heart of Laytonville, California we are happy to report that Black Oak Ranch recently secured the authorization to offer onsite medical marijuana dispensing last month for the historic Kate Wolf Music Festival in partnership with Healing Harvest Farms: a dispensary which prides itself on supporting local farmers and hosts the Emerald Cup each year, the world’s longest running outdoor cannabis competition. As a pioneering festival in the community this makes them the first ever live event with a medical marijuana sanctuary in the state of California, which is actually in keeping with the long standing tradition at Black Oak Ranch as a safe place for learning, communing with nature and exploring your inner artist.

Emerald Cup

Image Courtesy of the Emerald Cup

To learn more about this decision, we caught up with Max Bowen, Founder at Healing Harvest Farms, and he graciously took some time to educate us on the controversial move to be a part of California’s hotly contested Medical Marijuana movement and what it means for Enchanted Forest. “With the dawn of legalization happening people are preparing for the inevitable. This is a legal test run if you will – a social experiment of sorts. Sanctioned vending of cannabis here at Black Oak required written consent from the Mendocino County Sheriff. This is actually the second festival to offer legal distribution of cannabis.”

I asked how they were being received by the locals and what challenges may lie ahead for marijuana. Here’s what Bowen had to say: “We try to support local farmers and spare consumers a bunch of aggressive marketing. We feel that by supporting the local farmer community and remaining health conscious we’ve garnered a lot of positive feedback as well.” As he sat back in his chair he began to think of the battles that still have yet to be fought and said “In a lot of places onsite vending may not be allowed next year with some of the current bills being proposed by our government, so we’re hoping to show a positive example… that 215 spaces can be informative as we continue our discussions about the future of our children. We’re here because we want to participate in that movement and show that it can be done in a positive way.“

As public opinion shifts, Enchanted Forest stands firm in the same commitment it made to festival participants five years ago… That this is and always will be a gathering by and for the festival community. In celebration of our first year at Black Oak Ranch and as part of what we believe will be a growing conscious movement in the country we are proud to follow in the footsteps of the Kate Wolf Music Festival towards a better future where there is balance in our legal system, kindness in our hearts and an embrace of natural forms of healing.

If there are any questions about this policy or you’re interested in more information about it please review this page or contact Black Oak Ranch for details.

See you in the trees on the grass!

Graham Berry