LOLounge & comedy stage

a place for novice and seasoned comics alike

Laugh and lounge the night away!

Join us late night for a laugh at the LOLounge! This is the place to sit back, relax and enjoy the community atmosphere.

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The Game Show Show (18+)

Forest Squares
Think you have what it takes to compete against festival crew, musicians, improv comedian or festival “celebrities” in our own version of Hollywood Squares? It consists of three rounds where the contestants play a fast-paced game show of Tic-Tac-Toe.

The Money Pyramid
Two teams of two compete in a R-rated fast-moving parody of the popular game show, The $10,000 (or later $100,000) Pyramid. The game consists of guessing words from categories or categories from words. You will be matched with with a special someone from the cast or crew to win the grand prize of 100 Grand.


“That Reminds Me” Storytelling Show (18+)

“That Reminds Me” Storytelling Show brings true storytelling and personal experience to a festival setting. Send us funny, embarrassing, and/or heartfelt TRUE stories, and then present them at the LOLounge.

If you are prone to stage fright, or never done anything like this before, Don’t fret! Our professional directors and storytellers will coach you to make sure your story rocks the house, er, LOLounge!

2017 Themes

This One Time at Trim Camp
Tell us about some of your crazy times out in the woods hard at work.

Have you had an “a-ha” moment, or should have and it passed you by? Gotten so “enlightened” you had to be put in time out? Taken too much “medicine” and had a revelation—good or bad?. Share it with your friends and we may all learn a little more.

The best story for each theme will get a free ticket to Enchanted Forest Gathering 2017!

Share your story with us!

Share Your Story

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