women's sanctuary
a sacred space for the feminine of enchanted forest

There is a welcoming feeling when you enter the space that invites deep listening and an opportunity to charge your energetic reservoir with the sweetness of sisterhood. This is a sacred space for personal reflection, communion with the Land, and Divine downloads to be shared between the women of Enchanted Forest.

This sanctuary is a combined offering of stellar women volunteering to share their gift of counseling, healing arts, and masterful space holding. Our amazing team will be available in the Women’s Sanctuary continuously throughout the event for those goddesses feeling in need of supportive companionship. We want the women in our Enchanted Forest community to know there are loving guardians available to call on when needed, for whatever situations arise.

Women of all ages welcome. The Sanctuary will feature a small private outdoor zone with relaxing ambiance especially intended for women with their moon cycle who would like a peaceful place to ground into the Earth.