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get the scoop on EFG's ethos, FAQs and what you need to know


To produce gatherings that activate personal growth, inspire collective sharing and redefine conscious celebration.

enchanted forest gathering mission
enchanted forest gathering vision


We envision a world in which every individual is empowered to fully embody their highest and truest self. Enchanted Forest Gathering serves as a catalyst for collective transformation.


Balancing the sacred, sexy, silly and saucy.


Cultivating clear & conscious connection.


Reconnecting with & honoring nature.


Multi-generational community participation.


Self-actualization through the process of sharing our gifts.


Don't say we didn't tell you...

When do we get this party started?

The enchantment begins Friday, June 8th at 9am. Or if you’re one of those smarty pants Early Entry folks, you can show up Thursday, June 7th at noon and set up camp at a more leisurely pace.

My pocket robot requires an address for GPS - a little help?

Beep boop beep: 50350 Highway 101, Laytonville, CA

I’m Old School, can you give me directions?

We’re a wee bit out of the way but we promise it’s a lovely drive and beautiful Black Oak Ranch will be worth it. Welcome to the heart of Mendocino County! You’re not in SoCal anymore, boy, this is redwood country! Oh, right, directions:

From the Bay Area: Take Hwy. 101 north 150 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge to Laytonville. Black Oak Ranch is 5 miles north of Laytonville on the west side of the highway. Look for the signs, parking lot is adjacent to the highway.

From the Sacramento Area: Take Hwy. 5 north to Williams, turn on Hwy. 20 West, follow all the way to Hwy. 101 North–go approximately 40 miles north to Laytonville. Black Oak Ranch is 5 miles north of Laytonville.

From the North Coast/Oregon: Take Hwy. 101 south. The site is approximately 100 miles south of Eureka, 45 miles south of Garberville. As you get close begin to look at the mile marker signs at the side of the road. Black Oak Ranch is at mile marker 74.15. Signs will be on the west side of the road, as will the entrance and parking lot.

How do I get into this thing? Where’s my golden ticket?

We’re so glad you asked! Each person will need a 3-Day pass to enter the full festival, plus an early arrival pass if you’d like to come on Thursday. We will also have 2-Day passes for Saturday & Sunday, and 1-Day passes for Sunday, available a bit closer to the event (and at the gate, unless we sell out before the fun starts).

You can purchase tickets online and if you’re reeeeaaaallly lucky, there might still be a few tickets available at the gate. You can also purchase tickets at a few local outlets – stay tuned for more info.

Can I bring my kids / little brother / grandma?

Bring the whole crew—EFG is a family friendly event! All children ages 17 and under are considered minors and must have a parent or legal guardian present at the event and with them at all times for the duration of their stay. So no, you can’t bring your 17-year-old friend unless you’re his legal guardian, got it? But mom or dad will totally dig the festival, too, we promise. 😉

Anyone aged 12 and over must purchase a ticket. Children 11 and under are free. We do ask that you select a free 3-Day Child Pass on our Buy Tickets page for each child you’ll be coming with so we can get an accurate count for our onsite population. Anyone over 65 can purchase a discounted Honored Elder pass. Ages for these tickets will be checked upon arrival with ID, so don’t think you can dress up like grandpa to save a few bucks, we’re onto you!

I purchased a ticket but I’m unable to make it. What are my options?

All ticket sales are final and we are not able to offer refunds except for extreme emergency cases (email info@enchantedforestmendo.com with those – and NO, you forgetting your cousin’s wedding was the same weekend until just before the festival is NOT an extreme case – we’re talking serious unavoidable circumstances).

Your best bet is to try to sell or gift your ticket to a friend or friendly stranger and then transferring the ticket into their name on Eventbrite. Try posting about your tickets on the event page. Please be kind to your community and offer your tickets at face value + fees, no more. Don’t take shady sounding offers for tickets – trust your gut, don’t give the scammers and scalpers your money. You got this, you’re big kids. We don’t, however, have a good remedy for the FOMO you’re about to experience for missing EFG. Good luck with that!

How do I transfer a ticket to a new person?

Follow these steps to transfer your ticket to some other lucky human:

  1. Log in to your Eventbrite account at www.eventbrite.com/gettickets
  2. Enter the email address you used to register for your tickets.
  3. If you’ve forgotten your password, no problem. Just enter your email address where it says ‘Forgot Password?’ and you will be sent an email to help set your new one. Don’t forget it this time, ok?
  4. Once logged into your account, click on ‘View Order’ to view your event.
  5. Select the Edit details button to the right of the ticket type you purchased, below the event title.
  6. Once you have made all of your changes click ‘Save.’
  7. The lucky new holder of your ticket will receive an email allowing them access to the ticket. It is now in their name and they can access it through Eventbrite in the same way that you have. Check in with them to make sure all is good.

If you have any issues transferring your ticket(s) or any other technical ticketing-related issues with your order, click here to contact Eventbrite.

What do I need to have with me when I arrive to get in?

In order to enter Enchanted Forest Gathering, you will need to present your ticket and an acceptable form of ID upon your arrival at the gate. Acceptable forms of ID include: a State-issued photo ID, Passport, or for Minors only, a School ID card.

Acceptable forms of ticket include: Digital—an email confirmation or e-ticket in Eventbrite app on your phone, just make sure you have one for EACH TICKET TYPE in your order. Or you can print out a Hard Copy of your ticket confirmation and bring that (again, print one for each ticket type).

What do I need to have with me when I leave?

Everything you brought with you please! Plus you can be superstar and take something some chach left behind.

Note: If you come across melted faces or the calcium that came off of someone’s pineal gland… please leave them. They are biodegradable. 😉

When’s the “you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here…” song start playing?

We ask that everyone kindly begin packing up Monday morning around 10am for  a smooth reentry to life on the other side of Enchanted. Everyone must be off the property by 2pm. Don’t forget to check for MOOP & leave it better than you found it!

Are there opportunities to win a FREE ticket?

YES! We will be hosting several contests and giveaway opportunities. Stay tuned on our Facebook page, sign up for our email newsletter, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter so you won’t miss a beat!

What are the box office hours; can I arrive whenever I want?

Not so fast, we gotta let our gate staff get some sleep sometime, and we’d prefer for you to have a safe trip. Here’s the Box Office Hours, please plan your arrival accordingly and make arrangements to camp or stay nearby if necessary:

Thursday: 12 PM – 2 AM
Friday: 9 AM – 2 AM
Saturday: 9 AM – 2 AM
Sunday: 9 AM – 10 PM

If you’ve purchased a 2-day or 1-day pass, you may arrive that day beginning at 9am.
Ex: You’ve bought a Sunday pass. You may arrive as early as Sunday at 9am. 

Can I arrive early if I’m Vending, Performing, Volunteering or Leading a Workshop?

You will receive instructions as to when you should arrive from your lead contact at EFG. ONLY volunteers working prior to Friday should arrive early, as per guidelines given to you by the Volunteer Coordinator. All other collaborators are asked to arrive within hours for general admittance. If you would like to arrive on Thursday, and it has not been asked of you in your contract, you will be asked to purchase an Early Arrival pass.

Is there somewhere I can find a ride / someone to carpool with?

Yep. We LOVE carpooling. If you are looking for a ride, or you have some room in your car and would like to find someone to chip in on gas, please post on our RickyRides rideshare page.

What’s the difference between Car Camping passes and Regular Parking?

For each vehicle, plan to pre-purchase a Car Camping pass if you’ll be sleeping in / camping with your car.

OR, you can pre-purchase (or purchase at the gate) a Regular Parking pass for each vehicle. You’ll be guided to park in the general parking lot near the walk-in camping areas. There will be no driving into these areas to drop off gear, that would be a clusterfuck and nobody’s got time for that. There will be pedicabs available to help haul in your stuff.

Does each person in the car need a Car Camping / Parking pass?

Nope, each person needs a *ticket* but the parking & car camping passes are per vehicle! So carpooling is highly encouraged and a great way to stretch your budget.

What is the Camping situation like?

All tickets have walk-in camping included. Camping is first-come, first-served. Please be mindful of your overall footprint and look out for your neighbors. EFG participants may set up camp anywhere in the venue labeled as camping on the map. Please avoid anywhere marked out by event staff for stages, parking, environments, or art.

If you have questions about whether or not you can camp somewhere, ask your neighbors or find someone with a radio or EFG shirt and ask before setting up your stuff. Nobody likes to have to tell you to move when you’re knee deep in setting up your 12-man tent. Please don’t make us be that guy! Camping will not be allowed in the General Parking Lot, that’s what Car Camping is for.

If you have a generator in your camp set up, we graciously ask you to enforce a short quiet time in the late evenings from 12 AM (midnight) – 8 AM to allow for friends and families to rest. Better yet, leave it at home and try actually camping. Nature shall provide. Or bring a solar charger, cuz we live in the FUTURE!

What is the difference between Car Camping & RV Camping?

Any vehicle over 18 feet in length is considered an RV and requires an RV Camping Pass in order to camp on-site. Both Car and RV Camping will take place in designated zones. There are no RV hook-ups or regular dumping services available. However, fresh drinking water is available for free throughout the venue.

Will there be a special camping area for families with small children?

Yes! We prefer to keep parents as sane as possible by offering a safe & quiet(er) spot for families to camp. It’s in a new & improved location this year. Please see the event map you’ll receive when you arrive.

Can we set up a theme camp? What about our own sound system?

You are invited and encouraged to set up the artsiest theme camp you choose, but please, no amplified sound. In order for us to comply with our sound permit, amplified sound stages must be contained to those offered by Enchanted Forest Gathering.

If you’d like to elaborate on your camp set up, feel free to purchase an Early Arrival Pass so you can arrive on Thursday. Note that all guests are asked to leave the festival grounds on Monday by 2 pm so be sure to plan your tear down before the Sunday night hurrah.

Can I leave site & come back? Are there Ins & Outs?

Please do not clog up our busy box office with Ins & Outs. Be prepared to stay for the weekend once you arrive. Vehicles are asked to stay put once they have been parked for everyone’s safety (and to keep dust down – this isn’t quite Burning Man, sorry, in dust we do not trust).

How far is the General Parking lot from the main Camping area?

It’s a short distance – but enough that you probably don’t want to carry everything, and there’s a bit of rugged terrain in some spots. If you plan on setting your vehicle aside for the weekend, bring a wagon, dolly, or bike to help move your things easier from place to place. There will also be tip-operated pedicabs available. Vehicles will not be allowed on the grounds solely for drop off or pick up, so if you’re carpooling, think about using one car for people and the other for gear and pre-purchase a Car Camping Pass. Make these plans before you arrive – camping will not be allowed in the general parking lot.

Will I be transformed at Enchanted?

Transformation is offered on a first-come, first-served basis and is not guaranteed. It’s one of those elusive things that’s best found when you’re not looking for it — like four leaf clovers, or love. 😛 Your chances look pretty good from where we sit though..

So… what’s this Saucy Spa thing all about?

The roots of the Enchanted tree are firmly planted in all things Sacred, Sexy, Silly, and Saucy. And the Saucy Spa is where we really let our wild sides shine (and sometimes our backsides – we do love dat booty). This area has showers, refreshments, shaded space to relax, a sauna, and best of all — Dr. Bronner’s foam with that fresh peppermint tingle that cools you right off on a hot summer’s day. All set to bumpin’ music and on a squishy foam dance floor. It’s pretty much the best thing ever. You can purchase single showers / one time entry at the Saucy Spa, or get an Endless Saucy Spa pass which allows you unlimited access to showers and the entire spa area throughout the weekend. Treat.Yo.Self! Note: you will not need an Endless Saucy Spa pass to enjoy the Saucy Spa stage & music, but you will need one (or a single shower pass) to use the showers, sauna, foam tub, and other perks (like yerba maté on tap).

What does all this Consent & Sex Positive stuff mean?

We like to see folks express themselves freely so long as everything is consensual and positive for all involved. You are likely to see some nudity at Enchanted, especially in the Saucy Spa and Swimmin’ Hole areas, and we aren’t into shaming anyone for rocking their bod how they please. We do ask everyone to remember that we are a family friendly event and the comfort of all of our diverse guests is our top priority, so please utilize the privacy of your own comfy camp and keep it PG (ok, maybe PG-13?) in public areas. We will have positive vibe technicians on the lookout at all times to ensure everyone’s safety. Remember our motto: Consent Is Crucial! Game on!

I have never been to this area before, what are some good spots to check out on my way to & from EFG?

Welcome to Mendocino county. Early summer is a wonderful time to visit the area, and we hope you’ll stop along the way to support our local communities, explore magical redwood forests, meet some friendly people and see the rugged beauty of Northern California. We have a few suggestions for you here.

Ukiah is the largest city in Mendocino county, and it’s about an hour south of Black Oak Ranch off of Highway 101. If you’re coming from the north, Eureka or Arcata are the largest towns you’ll pass on the 101, a couple hours north. All three have a variety of grocery stores, restaurants, and anything you might need to grab on your way. There’s an In n Out in Ukiah if you need a fast food fix that won’t make you completely hate yourself before the festival. There are a couple of hot springs nearby if you need a romantic spot to stay or want to stop in for a soak (just be sure to call ahead to reserve) — Vichy Springs and Orr Hot Springs are both resorts near Ukiah.

You’ll also find TONS of hiking trails, state parks, campgrounds, beaches and amazing ways to enjoy nature near EFG. We’re not the only enchanted forest around these parts! Some of our favorite spots to enjoy some nature time are Hendy Woods, Montgomery Woods, Glass Beach & the Fort Bragg coastal trail. Ask your new friends at Enchanted about their local favorite spots!

What is the weather like in June?

Early summer is really lovely—warm days & cool nights. Be sure to check the weather before leaving (nearest town is Laytonville for your weather app), and prepare for the oddball late spring rainstorm and for cold temps at night. Also plan to protect yourself from the sun and stay hydrated, as it can get quite hot during the day. June is generally pretty mild compared to later in the summer, but do bring shade for your camp, and a parasol, hat or sarong. It’s gonna be NICE. But only if you come prepared for anything. That’s somehow how this weather thing works, it only rains when you don’t have an umbrella. Isn’t it ironic?

I’m heading to Enchanted solo. How can I connect with people before I go and make friends when I arrive?

Whether you’re traveling in packs or swinging solo, you will likely find your neighbors at EFG to be quite friendly, and you might even make a new best friend or twelve. Or maybe you’ll just acquire a guy that bums around on your camp’s couch all weekend. Festivals, man…
We do have a few tips for meeting new friends at festivals. You can connect with other attendees online on our Facebook Event Page, and in the Enchanted Forest Gathering Community Group. Feel free to ask questions and start conversations, or find people to carpool or potluck with. Even if you simply show up with a smile and a few extra snacks to share with your neighbors with no prior plans, it won’t be too difficult to find some folks to chill with. Especially with snacks. Everybody loves snacks.

If the forest is enchanted, does that mean it’s haunted?

No signs of ghosts so far, but we recommend keeping a headlamp with you, and using the buddy system if you’re scared. We can’t guarantee that you won’t see ghosts if you eat the random mushrooms you find growing in the woods though, so stay away from those!

Does that mean Frodo will be there?

We’ve seen a hobbit or two on site before.

What about FroYo?

Please stop.

I want to make sure my stoke level remains HIGH until the festival and I don’t miss any essential info, do you have an email list?

Why YES we do! You can sign up for the email newsletter on the homepage of the website, or by filling out this form.

Do I have to be into yoga, flow arts, and ecstatic dance to have a good time at Enchanted? This all sounds a little crunchy to me…

Nope, you don’t have to have any asanas memorized or know what the hell a one-handed poi butterfly is to have a blast here. We welcome all kinds, even if you’re a total klutz on the dance floor, and we aim to provide a little something for everyone to enjoy. We recommend keeping an open mind and trying any workshop or activity that sounds interesting, or even one that sounds ridiculous, because you just never know what or who you might find!

What is your alcohol policy?

Listen up, kids, there’s some changes happening this year. EFG began as an alcohol-free event and as we continued in that tradition, we found that it created a unique space in our community – one of clarity, safety, and respect. We also noticed that alcohol was usually present anyway, in a smaller capacity than if we had bars at every stage, but there nonetheless. We asked our community, and listened, and after an overwhelming response, have decided to relax our alcohol policy slightly this year. Drumroll please…

You may bring alcohol into the camping areas of EFG, partake responsibly in your camp, etc. We do ask that you reduce waste and help us keep the grounds safe for little bare feet by using a reusable cup for your drinks and NOT bringing cans or bottles into the content areas or the swimming hole. Please drink responsibly, stay hydrated and bring a water bottle that is *just* for water — drinking water fill-up stations are available throughout the property. We will of course also offer all sorts of alternative beverages. We’re all about offering a little something for everyone and creating the space for you to do you. Cheers!

Can I ride bikes inside festival?

As long as you don’t run down small children, old ladies or disrupt the flow of staff, you can bring a bike and ride it in the campgrounds, but please do not bring bikes into the main stage / content areas.

Are glow sticks allowed?

Please avoid bringing glow sticks! But that doesn’t mean you need to be a dark-wad. We do love rechargeable glowing toys and LEDs. And if you forget to bring some, you literally cannot miss the glowing Flowtoys booth. They’ll hook you up.

Can I bring my dog? He’s a good boy, I promise!

Sorry, no pets are allowed on site. Only certified service animals will be allowed on the grounds per the Service Animal Policy outlined below. We are not offering boarding services, so please leave your furry friends at home. Festivals and large crowds are just not safe places for animals and their sensitive noses & ears (we can’t guarantee everyone will actually shower just because we provide them, do you really want to subject Fido to 3 days of dance floor stench?).

For safe boarding options available locally, try Blue Ribbon Kennel (707-485-8454) or Best in Show (707-463-8400), both in Willits, Ca.

Can I spin fire or fire dance? I’ve done this before, I swear.

We love fire performers! Unfortunately our venue does not allow open flames, and we cannot allow any fire spinning except for insured performers who have arranged to perform onstage with EFG. Please fill out a Performer application to be considered to perform.

There will be plenty of inspiration, space to practice, and amazing flow artists to learn from in our Flow Zone – a workshop area in the main stage bowl dedicated to workshops on the flow arts. So bring your day props & LEDs, but unless you’re approved, please leave the fire gear at home for this one. Thank you for helping us preserve Black Oak Ranch and protect the safety of everyone at EFG.

What other items are prohibited?

Please leave all fireworks, fire props, fire pits, and BBQs at home — these are a fire hazard not allowed by our venue. Also prohibited are firearms, weapons, violence, glass containers (we recommend stainless steel or camelbacks), all illegal drugs & trafficking, unauthorized vending, public nudity outside the Saucy Spa, pets (excluding service animals as outlined below), photography without consent, children under 18 without their parent or legal guardian, single use water bottles (#endsingleuse!!!), unauthorized sound systems, and MOOP (Matter Out Of Place / litter). And leave your frowns & bad attitudes at home, too. Debbie Downers are just no fun.

What should I pack for my enchanted adventure?

Here’s a handy packing list to get you started:

  • Camping gear and shade structures – free-standing and waterproof
  • Stakes and tennis balls – keep your gear grounded and your tent stakes protected so people don’t hurt themselves. It can get windy!
  • Reusable dishware and utensils
  • Large water container for your camp (there will be access to water onsite to refill containers).
  • Reusable water bottle – stainless is best – keep a carabiner on the end, you’ll lose it a lot less!
  • Reusable coffee cup
  • Trash bags for your site – ideally, one each for landfill, recycling and compost waste. Leave your campsite cleaner than you found it!
  • Flashlight, headlamp, rechargeable solar lights for your camp, el-wire for your bike
  • Ear plugs – we recommend one pair of earplugs for the dance floor, and another of the noise-cancellation type for when you want to sleep.
  • Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen – it can be HOT during the day.
  • Appropriate clothing for all types of weather – it will get a bit chilly at night.
  • Appropriate work clothes – functional can be pretty, but protect the bits you need to.
  • Shoes – Hobbit foot is not a good look.
  • Yoga mat and portable chairs
  • Any prescription meds, eye solutions, and any other health care items you may need to be comfortable in a remote area. A small first aid kit is always a good idea (there will be medical onsite).
  • Plenty of cash for meals & vendors (there will be an ATM on site but it’s best to be prepared).
  • A few basic food items, drinks, and snacks.
  • Small handmade gifts; art for displaying; props for playing; a smile!
Any other DOs or DON’Ts?

Yeah, Don’t be That Guy….or Girl. You know… Them. Not a good look. Don’t do it.

Where is the closest City / Store?

Leggett is about 15 min north of the venue, blink & you’ll miss it at the Highway 1 junction (but you might wanna drive thru the redwood there if you’re into kitschy tourist traps). Laytonville is the nearest town with basic services – a few miles south of the venue. Willits, the largest nearby town, is 30 min south, and Ukiah, even larger, is about 15 min south of that. Stock up while you can on the 101 and please be courteous and clean up after yourselves when supporting local businesses. We love them, they love us, winning all around.

Is there Cell Phone Reception at the Venue? Wifi?

A couple carriers get spotty reception onsite, such as US Cellular and Verizon. Texts may work, but don’t count on it. Wifi, nope. We’re out in the boonies, so plan to rough it a bit, put the device on Airplane Mode or turn it off, and take a nice little break from the digital realm. It’ll be good for you, and you will survive, we promise. Stop in Laytonville on your way there to wrap up any last minute calls or to get your Facebook fix, it’s just south of Black Oak Ranch.

I totally HAVE TO get one of those Third Eye Pinecones but I don’t get paid until Saturday. Is there an ATM on site?

Plan ahead with cash if you can, but worry not, we got you! There is an ATM (with a small service fee per transaction) available by the food vendors & info booth. Please try to bring enough cash for your trip, general parking fee, food, ice, merchant wares, and anything else you may need.

Will there be drinking water available? Please say it’s free?

YES, Please Stay Hydrated! Fresh drinking water is available for FREE throughout the venue & they will be well labeled. Large, refillable containers are recommended for continued use. Reduce plastic in our landfills and in our oceans—stainless steel water bottles are a great alternative. Sustainability & sanitation are priorities – please do not bathe or put anything under the drinking water faucet except for your drinking vessel.

Ice will be available for purchase on site (prices TBA).

I might be a hippie, but I’m NOT into being a dirty hippie, are there showers available?

Yes, and our showers are absolutely epic! Individual showers are $7, or purchase a Saucy Spa Shower & Sauna Pass for ENDLESS ACCESS to the showers, sauna, AND of course, the foam party in the Saucy Spa area featuring refreshing Dr. Bronner’s foam. There are regular showers in the shower house at the back of the Saucy Spa if you need some more privacy.

How can I best prepare to be self-reliant and camp sustainably at EFG?

If you seriously came here to find the answer to this question, we LIKE you. And we’d like to hug you. And a tree. At the same time. 🙂

In our community we operate within a radical self-reliance mentality, meaning that every participant plans to bring everything they need to enjoy a weekend (or longer) outdoor camping experience. While Enchanted Forest Gathering has an array of delicious food vendors and free drinking water throughout the Black Oak Ranch venue, we ask all participants to bring their own reusable dishware & water bottles and plan to pack out everything you bring in. We encourage you to bring 5 gallon, reusable containers for you and your campmates to refill your water canteen from. It’s never a bad idea to bring a little extra to take care of your neighbors.

Reduce your waste before, during and after the festival by:

  • shedding unnecessary packaging prior to arrival
  • packing reusable water containers for camp & for carrying with you
  • properly caring for your camping equipment so it can live to see another festival
  • keeping your campsite tidy by picking up random MOOP
  • labeling and sorting your trash in camp

Make sure to leave your campsite cleaner than when you arrived! It is our honor to not only have a good time here but to create a legacy of sustainable living. We are creating the future world we want to see, here and now. What does that look like to you?

Where can I find general info, look up my volunteer shifts, or speak with security?

You’ll receive a map in the program guide when you arrive with the Info Hubquarters / Black Oak Security Central clearly marked. For all your “Need to Knows” once on site, Enchanted Forest HQ (info booth/volunteer center) will be open from 8:30am – 2:30am daily to help answer your questions. It will be centrally located near the food vendors.

Where can I take an injured campmate or go if I’m not feeling well?

Black Oak Ranch is proud to host RockMed for our medical services, providing basic first aid on-site. The Medical Tent will be clearly marked on the map and with signs. They are ready to help in a safe, clean, judgement-free environment.

I feel unsafe or need to report a safety hazard or incident, who can I talk to?

Security will also be available on-site for your protection and comfort. In the event of an emergency, track down the nearest staff member with a radio for immediate assistance. Locations of First Aid and Security will be provided on our map, will be centrally located at the event, and will be open 24hrs a day.

Anyone found sneaking into the event or without a wristband will be escorted off-site, and will be charged with trespassing. It is a hassle and expensive for everyone involved. Please spread the word; sneaking in is NOT worth it.

What is your Service Animal Policy?

No pets except for service animals will be permitted. Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Examples of such work or tasks include guiding people who are blind, alerting people who are deaf, pulling a wheelchair, alerting and protecting a person who is having a seizure, reminding a person with mental illness to take prescribed medications, calming a person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) during an anxiety attack, or performing other duties. Service animals are working animals, not pets. The work or task a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person’s disability. Dogs and service animals whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA. *Therefore, we do not allow emotional support animals. We hope you will come and enjoy the festival, but please leave your ESA dog at home.

Service animals MUST be leashed to your self at all times and easily identified as service dogs by their harnesses or jacket with their certification. A service animal found without with their owner is grounds for ejection from the festival. We appreciate your cooperation as we host a safe event for all Enchanted Forest participants.

Where can I get assistance or information for people with disabilities?

This information can be found at our centrally located Enchanted Forest HQ (info booth/volunteer center).

Will I be able to get around the festival with a wheelchair?

Yes, the terrain is mostly flat. Most surfaces are packed dirt or gravel, and there are a few spots with inclines or with larger rocks, so please use caution, and let a staff member know if you ever need assistance.

Is there a shuttle service for me and my gear?

Please let our staff know about your needs upon your arrival, and we will do everything we can to accommodate you. You will be permitted to bring your vehicle onto the grounds and park it beside your campsite with the purchase of a specially priced $20 Car Camping Pass (for ADA participants). If you know you will need this service, please reach out by emailing info@enchantedforestmendo.com pre-event to secure your pass.

Are the stages and main content areas wheelchair accessible?

Yes, all stages are fully accessible by wheelchair.

Will there be ADA / PWD accessible showers?

Yes. Our showers are wheelchair accessible.

Are the bathrooms ADA accessible?

There will be ADA / PWD bathrooms available.

Will my Service Animal be allowed to accompany me to EFG?

Yes, per our Service Animal policy outlined above. They must remain on leash at all times with certification present.

Where can I go if I need medical assistance at the festival?

Our medical tent will be centrally located and will be clearly marked on our map, it is staffed 24 hours. If you have any trouble finding it, any staff member can direct you.

Are food, concessions, and vendors accessible in a wheelchair?

Yep! All vending is at ground level.

Who can I speak with about special needs or accessibility questions?

Please contact us at info@enchantedforestmendo.com.

Are there ASL Interpretation Services Available?

We will have ASL interpreters available! Please email us at info@enchantedforestmendo.com to request these services and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. You can also stop by the Info HQ booth to schedule an interpreter. 

Will there be PWD Designated Camping Available?

Yes. Black Oak Ranch has a pretty large area set aside for ADA / PWD camping, just behind the box office and medical, very central to the event and close to restrooms, food vending, and the main stage area.