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An Ecstatic Experience

I had the most AMAZING experience at Enchanted Forest last year! I was able to share all of the aspects of my creative input to my transformational festival commumnity, I shared my tea space Quan Yin Tea house. I danced onstage with Alex Gonzalez / Spoken Bird AND I had an EPIC multi-hour, two night musical space Jam with Danceher Jones at the Nectar Temple! My experience, to state it simply, was Ecstatic! Thank you!

Jenn Azure

Family Found

It's a hard, cruel world, but for one weekend, I get to be part of a loving community, regardless of how hard I work, or how hard I live. I know there's a beautiful set of people waiting to greet me, cause they love me for who I am. I need them and they are always there. That's what the Enchanted forest means to me.

Patrick Dempsey

I Know a Way...

I received my summons to the gathering as I rode in circles upon the jumping water, caught in a vague conflict over resources and routes; I answered my brother's call (but not his letter, not yet), and came ready, I thought, to wage war upon my Self. One night, beneath the great oaks, Peace found me, grabbed hold of me, shook me, frightened me half to death and said "I know a way, follow me..."

Peter Aguirre

A Blueprint for Transformational Festivals

In an era that is overrun with events that proclaim themselves “transformational”, this is an event that posts no bills, and exists as advertised. Having lived it for the first time, I can testify: EFG is a living, breathing, bountiful blueprint for the transformational festival experience.

Bee Getz

Open to Enchantment

I didn't think it was possible to have a new opening experience at a Festival after about 5-6 years of partaking but Enchanted Forest Gathering 2016 proved me wrong. I felt a connection at this festival, and with its participants, that I hadn't felt in many years. So worth the trip!

Damien Bjorn Ruud

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