How Far Would You Go For Gender Equality?

How Far Would You Go For Gender Equality?

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If you’re not familiar with Free the Nipple, #freethenipple, we will break it down a bit; this campaign is about the repression of the naked female body. At the beach, at the pool, on a hot day, during exercise, it is very common to see a male with his shirt off, but for some reason, women do not have these same freedoms. This form of censorship creates an inequality between genders, and not only tells women that their bodies are shameful or too sexual, but that they do not have the freedom to do what they like with their own bodies. Nakedness is a natural thing, and women are seeking the right to go topless for many reasons, none of which have to do with a desire for sexual attention.

So, what does this have to do with Enchanted Forest? Enchanted Forest is a safe, consensual, free-spirited community that seeks to make everyone feel comfortable with who they are, whether naked or clothed. Creating a safe gathering is important to us and we are always working on making it even safer.

One motto that Enchanted Forest has always stood behind is: Safe is sexy and consent is mandatory. If someone is choosing to liberate themselves of their clothing it is never cool to stare too long or touch without asking. Being naked is not about being sexual. It’s about being free, comfortable, and positive about our naked bodies. Free the Nipple and Enchanted Forest have many intertwining foundations, and we are all for women feeling comfortable and safe showing their naked bodies, just as men do.

Now, here’s the fun part. We’re looking for original photos that are intimate but not overly sexy. We are asking both men and women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnic background who resonate with the values of the #freethenipple movement and who are open to being an ambassador of the movement.

Ironically, for some of the images nipples shouldn’t actually be showing; find fun and creative ways to cover them. For other images, anything goes! No censoring is awesome, but again, we aren’t going for sexy. We are focusing on de-sexualization of the naked human form as part of the objective.

Please sign the release form and submit photos via our entry form here!

Jazzy Cherie

A fiery yet compassionate Leo woman from the West Coast who is constantly inspired by the community bonds and innovation of festival culture. She has been sharing her written creations ever since her first festival, many of which focus on sex and sexuality, community building, and after-event reviews.

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