Get to Know The Flow Zone

Photo by Cadencia

Get to Know The Flow Zone

We’ve all seen those skillful ninjas who spin and juggle a dazzling display of LED lights or fire. Mostly known as flow artists, it almost seems inevitable that a community that embraces technology, self expression, meditation, and dance would become deeply intertwined with Burning Man and the Transformational Festival community.

Enchanted Forest is always striving to give you more sauciness, silliness, and sexyness and we are so thrilled to bring you a space to Black Oak Ranch that embodies all three of these, the Flow Zone is a space to learn from masters, teach new comers, and connect with your tribe.

By day, this space will host classes covering multiple styles, props, and skill levels. There will be many beginning level classes for those who want to try flowing for the first time, or those looking to pick up a new discipline. If you don’t own a prop yet, be sure to show up early and talk to the teacher, it’s very likely you’ll still be able to participate.

At night, the Zone will remain open, allowing you space to practice within earshot of the main stage. The Flow Zone will also feature vendors who will have plenty of options for all of you who discover new love or need an upgrade. Whether you’ve always admired prop manipulation and want to give it a try, or you’re looking for some extra room to get your flow on, the Flow Zone is for you!

Photo by Cadencia

Photo by Cadencia

List of Classes (Beginning level unless indicated in bold)

Inspired Movement – exploring hoop dance movement thru foot work, floor work, and hoop technique

Sacred Geometry of Flow Arts – moving with freedom with poi, staff, and double staff

Beginner Contact Staff – learn how to roll & wrap the staff continuously on your body – look ma, no hands!

Twin Twisting Hoop Dance – double the pleasure with TWO hoops

Blind Flow – learn to feel rather than see your flow, with any or no prop

Popping 101 – learn the fundamentals of the popping dance style

Beginner Poi Moves – build a strong base for learning poi

Intro to Double Staffs – fundamentals of timing & direction to start your flow with two staffs

Intro to 3-ball Juggling – learn juggling fundamentals and throws, building from 1 ball to a 3 ball cascade

Long String Floating Wand – learn to create mesmerizing magic while dancing with a floating wand

Ninja Movement Flow – how to think, move, jump, and approach your practice like a ninja – open to any prop

Contact Juggling – intro to the illusion


Photo by Jazzwall Arts

Photo by Jazzwall Arts

Mini Hoop & Fan Moves – learn basics of mini hoops and fans movements along with some fun partner moves and tunnelling

Poi Flowers & Hybrids – intermediate to advanced poi patterns

Juggle & Spin Jam / Skill Share – free for all! throw things at your friends!

Check out our Flow page for class descriptions and teacher bios


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