How to Beat the Heat at Enchanted Forest

Photo by Jazzwall Arts

How to Beat the Heat at Enchanted Forest

We’re so excited that Black Oak Ranch has become the new home of Enchanted Forest! For those of you who’ve haven’t been to this majestic venue, it’s important to know (like any place in the Summer) Laytonville can get hot! Have no fear though, it’s perfectly possible to stay cool and have epic fun beating the heat. Check out our tips to stay comfy and keep the party going all weekend long.

1. Stay Hydrated

You’ll be happy to hear that Enchanted Forest will be providing free water at refill stations, so bring your canteens and hydration packs! Maybe bring some larger containers for your kitchen and camp too. While H2O is what you need most of the time remember to keep replenishing your electrolytes. If you’re not a fan of regular water don’t sweat it. Coconut water, raw honey, maple syrup, citrus fruit, and a pinch of sea salt can be added to your water for an electrolyte boost.

Photo by Cadencia

Photo by Cadencia

2. Wear Less Clothes

This is a music festival, not boarding school! No need to be burdened with extra clothing if stripping down is your style. Pro Tip: Put shawls and bandanas in a cooler for a while, when they come out you’ll be stoked on the chill. Soaking your shirt can also keep the heat down for a bit.

3. Get Wet!

During the day, we’ll have a nice creek  to cool off in. Time will tell whether the water levels will make it a great swimming spot. At the least, it’ll be a refreshing place to dip your toes and splash your friends. Even if you’re not into the water, there will be plenty of shade, and one of the stages will be serving up the occasional splash for our beloved sweaty dancers. Or, if a fine sprinkling is more your style, hang out under Black Oak Ranch’s misting station. It’ll be spritz to remember.

Photo by Wolfbear

Photo by Wolfbear

4. Get Squishy in the Shade

Enchanted Forest will be providing tons of shaded areas for you to lounge in. We recommend bringing some shade to make  your camp more comfy. There are a large number of shade structures on the market, but it’s also very possible to build yourself something with some tarps, rope and a little ingenuity.  Covering your tent with a mylar blanket, shiny side out, will reflect away some of the heat in your tent too. Parasols and full brimmed hats, can offer a little personal shade to keep the sun off your face too.

 5. Eat Something Cool

Eating fruits and veggies such as cucumber, grapes, watermelon or strawberries are a tasty way of providing you with some of the water and nutrients you need as well. They also make a great gift to neighbors!

With these tips no matter how hot it gets you should be ready to dance your face off with us August 14th to August 16th at Black Oak Ranch. For any friends you make along the way try to share some of this advice with them as well so we all have fun in the Sun together!


Featured Image Photo Credit: Jazzwall Arts

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