How to Prepare for a Festival

Photo by Cadencia

How to Prepare for a Festival

If you’re like me, the second I get my ticket to a festival, the countdown begins- right then and there. Planning and plotting becomes my happy place. I have accepted that nothing can really prepare you for the realm of magic you’re about to enter, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try! Here is a list of some things you can do before your festival to enhance your experience:

  • Check out the artists: There are going to be many incredible performances. Get excited about the ones you know, and look into some of the ones you don’t. The Enchanted Forest lineup is absolutely worth checking out beforehand. It’s full of incredible musicians and visual artists. Here is a playlist I put together featuring some of this year’s music:

    • Practice your craft: try flow arts, hooping, painting, dancing, producing music. Whatever makes your soul sing, practice it. Enchanted Forest not only has the best vibes for your craft, but they also bring to you amazing workshops, incredible food and flow zone that will set your heart on fire. There is nothing like the creative energy of a festival, so bring it along with you. Bless the festival with what you love and let it inspire you!
    • Inhale, Exhale, Yoga: I think that by now we all know how great yoga is. Keep up your practice if you’ve already adopted it into your lifestyle, and if you haven’t, take some time and try it out! Enchanted Forest is bringing you amazing workshops from breath work to acro. Even if you’re new to yoga, visit a workshop and prepare to fall in love. You’ll never have a yoga class quite like what you’ll find here, that I can promise.
    • Create an Expression of Positive Affirmation: Did you know that Enchanted Forest has a Share Your HeArt tradition each year? In it you can bring a piece of art that you’ve made and display it somewhere in the venue. At the end of the festival you can then take a piece with you as a special memento of your experience at Black Oak Ranch.
    • Set intentions: The experience really is what you make of it. Come here with an open heart, mind, and soul and let yourself free. See what happens when you let yourself go. The most incredible thing about the festival experience is how quickly natural energy flows when it is enhanced by trust and togetherness. Let your guard down. Black Oak Ranch has long been a place where people like us have come to be our most authentic selves. Get ready to be enchanted *~*~~*~

What do you do to get ready for a festival? Let me know in the comments below!

See you in the forest!

 Featured Photo Credit: Cadencia

Yulita Zavada