Make it Easy with Our Ease and Grace Camping Options

Photo by Guy Shechter

Make it Easy with Our Ease and Grace Camping Options

Between the sun and the play and the dancing, even the most enchanted of creatures need their rest. Now, if the thought of camping overwhelms you, boy do we have a treat for you! We are now offering Ease & Grace camping to make your experience a whole lot easier and a whole lot… fancier? Yep!

We have two options that include preferred check-in, a fully set up campsite with shade and outdoor seating, and more super special treats. These packages don’t come with a ticket to the Gathering, but they do include everything you need to offer you the greatest time- from a grand entrance to a lovely home base to escape to and unwind. In the middle of all of the Enchanted madness, you’ll find yourself in a state of easy and grace.

Your first option is the Ease & Grace EZ-Camping package. With this pass, you have preferred check-in and a camping pass for Thursday through Monday. You’ll arrive to a campsite that’s a minimum of 10’ X 15’ with shade and outdoor seating. The roomy tent contained a twin-sized bed with linens, pillows, and a comforter for ultimate coziness. Next to it will be a bedside table with a battery-powered lantern. Last but not least, we’ll be providing you with coffee, tea, and other surprise gifts. Talk about an upgrade!

Our deluxe camping option is Ease & Grace Boutique Camping. This set up is fit for Enchanted royalty and the best accommodation for the traveler who wants to pack light! Like the EZ-Camping, this includes the preferred check-in, car camping pass, and camping from Thursday through Monday. When you arrive to your home base, you’ll find a unique and spacious tent designed by Samsara Villages, with a full sized bed and of course the super comfy linens, pillows, and comforter. You’ll also find a bedside table and lantern, a cozy rug, and other interior décor. Outside, you’ll come to find some seating with shading to protect you when the sun is high and lighting for when it sets. The Boutique Camping package also includes a shower pass and towel, as well as the coffee, tea, elixirs, and of course other surprise gifts. You’ve never camped like this before!

Now, if you had any reluctance towards making the trek out to the festival, I hope they’re set aside by now. We want to see you at Enchanted Forest and we wouldn’t want anything to get in the way, especially something like anxiety about camping or a lack of time to get all the things needed to prepare for festival at one of the most historic festival locations in the country. Both Ease & Grace packages have been carefully crafted to redesign the meaning of camping. We wanted to create a blissful experience, free of hassle and full of magic. From the moment you enter the grounds, you’re sure to have an effortless, blissful, and beautiful experience. We want you to come here, let go of all of your hang ups, and be able to fully immerse yourself in the vibin’ experience we’ve curated especially for you.


Featured Image Credit: Guy Shechter 

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