lose yourself in rhythm


Performers and instructors from around the world

Improvisational arts, ecstatic dance, belly dance, pop & lock and a variety of other styles.

Enchanted Forest Gathering’s lively dance workshops are some of the most fun you can have at a festival! Pick up new techniques or just lose yourself in the heart of the rhythm.

We’ll see you at the Dance Temple and later on the dance floor where you can practice your new moves!

Dance Instructors

Learn some new moves from these talented teachers.

Amy Secada
Bronwyn Michaelis
René Alvarez
Ronja Ver
Sarah Mackota
Tom Bright & Melissa Redwood Sprout
Tristan St. Germain
Usha Rose
Wendy Phares

Class Descriptions

Afro Urban Roots

Secada’s signature fusion of African dance, Capoeira, and Hip Hop explores the interconnectedness of folkloric and urban dance culture. Through a therapeutic and improvisational approach you will discover grounding footwork, healing hip patterns, fun floorwork techniques and how to awaken and inspire your personal creative flow. Open Level. All ages welcome!

Axis Syllabus Influenced Contact Improvisation

Come let dance be the medicine of your soul. Contact Improvisation shows us how we are as relational beings. It’s an investigation into an embodied self, connecting and responding to another. It’s the practice of connecting with your environment and responding to it with movement in a way that aligns with the inner self. This class will be heavily influenced by the Axis Syllabus.

Blues Fusion Foundations: Inspiring Invitations

Inspiring Invitations is a Blues Fusion Foundations class. We will begin by reviewing the basic blues stance and pulse, move into step touch rhythms, and then connect with our partners to coordinate and walk together in the room. We’ll learn how to offer invitations to basic turns and four generative responses to a turn invitation. We’ll close with two fun sequences of turns that dancers can incorporate into their dance movement vocabulary.

Flow Moshing: Dancing with Everyone and Anyone!

Using the lens of Contact Improv, We will playfully explore different possibilities around entering in and out of duets and trios. We will hone our sensitivity to the consciousness of the entire group. Our awareness will telescope from our solo exploration to our duets and trios to moving with the whole group and all the way back again. Our state of Flow will ground us to the present moment in mutually supportive and exhilarating spontaneity.

Trickster Twister: Contact Improvisation for Playful Creatures

Love being upside-down? This class offers ways into the fluid acrobatics of Contact Improvisation, beginning from finding our own strong animal bodies, and moving from simple body puzzles toward more complex mobile structures in duets, trios and multiples. Come prepared to move, sweat and surprise yourself.

Dancing Freedom: Soul Activism

We all have our own soul’s blueprint ready to be discovered and expressed. Come explore dance as prayer, play AND protest- individually and collectively in this co-generative experience. We dance an elemental wave with global, electronic and ambient beats. It is a space to be with what is, move with intention, and come into greater coherency within ourselves so we may be active in the evolving collective. Dancing Freedom is a somatic, shamanic and ecstatic dance practice.

Ecstatic Embodiment with Cacao

We will be serving cacao plant medicine for heart expansion as we dance together and explore practical techniques of ecstatic embodiment that will help open our consciousness into a more expansive and transcendental experience. Working with the sound current and each other, we will attempt to step deeper into the synchronistic flow of life and use our movement as a prayer to plant the seeds of positive change within ourselves and within the world around us. Come play with us!


In this TwerkShop, I fuse elements of Hip Hop, Dance Hall, Belly Dance & B-Girl, into a bootycentric dance class where we will pop, lock, jiggle and drop it to the floor! We will work on full body isolations, floor work, and combinations linking moves together into short routines, all to super sexy beats! This class is open to everyone and anyone, beginners to seasoned dancers. Twerking is ancient, ever evolving wild and primal. “Free your ass and your mind will follow”

Blues Fusion: Form to Freedom

In this class we will explore conscious connection and clear communication to open up a playground of possibilities of the dance floor. By understanding and practicing some universal elements of partner dance we can discover tremendous freedom to co-create fun, spontaneous and expressive dances. Learn how to initiate connection on the social dance floor, practice empowered and embodied consent and establish clear lines of communication for flow and ease within the dance. Understand the powerful dynamics of leading and following and how to maintain your own creative expression and musicality while listening and staying connected to your partner.

Soul Motion

Soul Motion is a therapeutic, reflective, and open to all. By dance we refer to non-styalised exploratory movement, like discovering your body has a mind of its own and you can enjoy listening deeply to it, and encouraging it to explore with your attention. In this class we will play with different movement exercises for the dancers to explore and experiment with and then we will transition into an open dance to integrate what we have learned and practiced.