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Welcome to the flow zone

Go beyond object manipulation and explore the realms of activity.

Our Flow Zone brings you three full days of flow arts workshops that will help you master your chosen props as well as go beyond object manipulation to explore the realms of dance, juggling, martial arts, circus and movement meditation.

We are very excited to bring you a wide variety of workshops for various props and skill levels. Whether you are just beginning to find your flow or looking for some new tricks to add to your repertoire, we hope you’ll join the skill sharing and FUN going on in the Flow Zone. Pick up a prop & let’s PLAY!

Class Descriptions

Beginner Contact Staff

Contact Staff is the mesmerizing manipulation of a staff without the use of opposable thumbs, giving the compelling appearance of continuous rolling & wrapping around your body! All the foundational moves of contact staff will be taught in this workshop, such as hand, neck, body & elbow wraps, halos, and conveyor belts. These are essential explorations that will prime you for your ninja and flow training!

Learn Flow Wand

Learn to create mesmerizing magic while dancing with a levitation wand! I will provide Flow-wands to use, and teach you the easy-to-learn basics of mastering the illusion of Flow-wand dance. All-levels and ages friendly!

Beg/Int Fan Tech for Dancers

Immerse your dance in the technical side of fan play! We’ll play with folds, isolations, flowers, and tosses, with a special focus on dance integration. Extra sets of fans will be available.

Double Your Pleasure: Twin Hooping FUNdamentals

Double your pleasure with TWO hoops! Join us for a special PlayShop, exploring the FUNdamentals of twin hoopdance. We will work with “on the body” and “off the body” movement combinations. Interweaving energies, creating sacred geometric patterns, focusing on transitions & plane changes, while also honing our spacial awareness, rhythm and stage presence. Through twinwork, one can become more ambidextrous, balanced & focused, further bridging the neural connections of the right/left brain!

Buugeng 101: Join The Geng

Students will be taken through a foundations course in buugeng movement. Course covers history of the prop, the three primary manipulation techniques, buugeng-specific tech terminology, isolation styles, as well as simple tricks to get started. Class is directly led, with a focus on classical motion.

So you want to juggle? (An intro to 3 ball)

I start my class by having students gather 3 balls, then drop 2 and practice some basic warm up throws with 1 ball. As they gain some consistency we add the 2nd ball and practice some 2 ball drills. The 3rd ball is added and students are well on their way to juggling. I try to build off of students’ abilities and leave them with multiple things to work on. I teach several patterns and some basic theory and siteswap so that they have a solid foundation.

Poifect Beginnings

Learn the poi basics to get you spinning!

Tutting, Gliding & How to Remember your Body

Love dancing? Want to up your dance game? Have you seen other people busting out and wanted to learn, but you don’t know where to start? This class is for you. We’ll start off by covering basics in the styles called tutting and gliding. Then we’ll learn some more advanced ideas. We’ll also work on maintaining dynamic and interesting body movement while performing these techniques. At the end we’ll have a cypher to share what we’ve all learned!

Intro and Intermediate Dragonstaff

Covering body rolls, chi rolls, forearm rolls, and variations on each.

Contact Staff: Roll With It

This workshop will explore contact staff body rolls (rolling a stick on your body). We will start from a beginning, but there will be variations for more experienced practitioners. Some number of sticks will be available for use during the workshop if you do not have your own.

Double Staff Fundamentals

A crashcourse in basic timing and direction and several driving styles, this workshop will give the beginner the foundation for hours and moons of exploration. We will focus on one-beats, isolations, antispins, and r-types.

Poi Hybrid Flow

We will go over various in-spin and anti-spin poi flowers, and how their beautiful shapes, compare to a full circle extension. We will then take a look at how to transition between the three shapes, without interrupting the flow of the pattern, by using stalls at different points along the circles of our hand paths. We will also learn how to complete 180 and 360 degree turns with poi flowers, and then incorporate some simple jazz and tribal fusion footwork into our dance.

Hoop Balance and Roll

Balance a hoop on your hands, elbows, shoulders, head, and chest. Roll a hoop smoothly across your chest and shoulders. This all-levels, off-body hoop workshop will focus on identifying and opening up the pathways for smooth rolls and balances.

Find Your Flow

In this creative playshop we will go over some techniques to help you take your spinning skills to new directions. We will play some fun flow games too, so bring your clown nose! So if you are feeling disjointed or stagnent in your flow, or if you always wanted to learn this workshop was designed just for YOU!

Intro to Hip Hop Dance / Body Isolations
Do you love dancing? Do you love Hip Hop, or bass heavy music? Do you feel like you would like some cool new moves to add to your personal dance repertoire, so you’re not stuck rolling those invisible dice all night long?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, This introduction to “Hip Hop” class will take you from beginning steps into fundamentals of this amazing dance style. A variety of techniques will be covered, including, Popping, Waving,  Beat prediction, Pace keeping, and a few other body isolation based exercises. The final goal is that you can use these fundamental skills to start building your own style through hip hop dance expression. Amazing for mind, body, and soul.

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