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Loosen up and balance out

Get ready for round two (or three) with a hip-opening yoga session.

Enchanted Forest Gathering features a wide variety of yoga classes with instructors from around the world.

Our well shaded and beautifully decorated yoga space features a schedule full of workshops covering various yoga styles and levels. Simply bring yourself, a mat if you have one, and prepare to immerse yourself in classes specially designed to enhance your festival experience and your practice.

Yoga Instructors

Meet the guiding lights of your enchanted yoga practice.

Ardas Wright
Cassandra Davis
Claire Thompson
Dave Solomon
Lauren Dubois
Lewis Lee
Pilar Lackey
Reno Gorman & TJ Gillick
Magnolia Rasak
Vaidehi Amair
Wendy Faith
Zach Beach

Class Descriptions

Kundalini Yoga: Awakened Shakti

Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness. Experience how this technology can help you remove obstacles in your life, strengthen your electromagnetic field, body and mind, create more comfort in your body, release anxiety, depression and addiction, make you strong as steel and steady as stone! Suitable for all experience and ability levels. Sat Nam!

Sacred Sacrum

Unleash the wild power in your pelvis! Open your hips and free your spirit. Embrace your sensuality with deep breaths, saucy flows and slow jams.

Yogic Unity

Yogis will be activated, inspired and brought into deep states of stillness in order to utilize expanded fields of awareness already arising within the high vibratory communal consciousness of the festival environment. Using vigorous breathwork, chanting, asana (yogic postures and movement), meditation and sound healing with crystal bowls (quartz, tuned to the healing frequency of 432 hz and aligned to each chakra), we will harness and channel the resonant vibration, unifying energetic states.

Acro Yoga for Everyone

In this workshop we will learn the basic principles of partner acrobatics from the ground up. From parter yoga strength and flexibility calibrations, to flying on each others feet, some standing acrobatics, thigh stands, as well as fun group games and some yummy thai massage at the end. Acro yoga is not only a great way to stretch, strengthen and cultivate balance in our bodies but it is also a wonderful way to connect and grow with others. All levels welcome.

Qi Gong Yoga Fusion Full Body Flow

Experience the internal wellbeing, effortless power and energetic flow that Qi Gong offers integrated with a Rooted Yoga practice. In the flow of the class we will begin with Qi Gong’s life force awakening moving meditations, acupressure self-healing massage followed by diving deep into the opening, strengthening and balancing postures of Yoga. Class is accessible to all levels giving the opportunity to experience the precious gifts that Qi Gong and Yoga can offer together.

Pratyahara: The Art of Sense Withdrawal

Pratyahara means to disengage from the five physical senses, to turn inward, or to gain mastery over external influences. “Prati” means away or against and “ahara” means food or anything taken in from the outside. We will enjoy a “Blindfolded” yoga practice. I will guide you through a yoga class with your eyes closed, and you will be able to connect with your senses, becoming completely PRESENT in the moment and get in touch with your True Essence.

Intro to Acro Yoga

Learn the basic techniques of the playful practice of Acro Yoga, where a flyer is supported in the air by their base partner. Gravity defying poses are possible even for beginners with good alignment, proper body mechanics, and safety. You don’t need to bring a partner – we play in groups of 3 for safety anyway, and there will be plenty of other people looking to play with you.

Intermediate Acro Yoga

Learn new acroyoga/partner acro skills and flows with Reno Gorman and TJ Gillick from Sac Cirque and The Handstand Nation. Depending on the level and skill set of attendees, expect to learn some new L-based washing machines, hand to hand techniques, and/or standing acrobatic moves. Some experience with acro is recommended. You don’t need to come with a partner – groups of 3 or 4 will be used for safety – so you can easily team up with others. Anyone practicing unsafely will be asked to leave.

Anahata Flow

Anahata Flow is a deep and intentional vinyasa class that invites you to slow down, tune in, and connect to the present moment. This class offers a balance of effort and ease, action and surrender as we breathe, stretch and flow in heart centered practice. Step on the mat to move mindfully, and join one another in the seat of our hearts.

Buti Yoga

BUTI Yoga is a blend of power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, conditioning and deep abdominal toning. This all in one work out tones and sculpts the entire body while facilitating complete inner transformation. The music for this class is meant to get people moving to fast paced energetic music that makes you want to DANCE. BUTI Yoga is sisterhood, womanhood, and motherhood. Come and join for a fun 60 minute workout that will leave you feeling energized and empowered in the utmost feminine way.

Happy Heart and Hips Slow Flow

In this slow flow yoga practice, we will focus on heart and hip opening movements and asanas. After hours of dancing and sleeping in tents, our hips can feel even more tight than usual. We will do standing, seated and joint-mobilization exercises. Shoulders and hips are perfect to work together as equal and opposite body parts. Our shoulder openers will help ease our bodies while allowing our beautiful hearts to peel and stay open to the many connections already made and to come.

Gettin’ Squishy with Playful Partner Yoga

Come discover delicious freedom and openness through touch and movement. This session will weave together partner yoga, thai massage and therapeutic flying to explore all fun and platonically pleasurable ways two bodies can interact. Leave more relaxed and squishy than ever before.

Yoga with the Elements

In this strong and meditative yoga practice, find your connection to fire, water, earth and wind both inside yourself and in the outside world. Through poses targeting the places in the body associated with these elements and their emotional qualities, honor the connections between ourselves and the natural world. This practice is perfectly suited to the music festival yoga experience, where we are among the elements day and night. Come and find the harmony and flow.

Guided Partner Massage

Release your festival fatigue and connect with others as you learn a simple but effective massage sequence done through the clothing. Bring a friend or pair up with a new friend when you arrive! While you work, you will be guided in breath and body mechanics, while also being mindful of the the yogic principles of gratitude and interconnectedness that naturally arise while trading massages.