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Top notch stage production and sound

Enchanted Forest Gathering strives to bring quality regional and national and international talent from all corners of the Earth. With the 2018 lineup just around the corner stay tuned, this bun’s still in the oven, but she’s gonna be well worth the wait.

From the throbbing bass of The Grove to the soulful roots of The Knoll, whether splashing to the grooves at the Lazy River Stage or sudsing up to the booty bouncing beats of the Saucy Spa, your ears will have plenty to snack on and your dancing feet will be really, really sore by the end of the weekend.

The Grove

The thriving pulse of the Enchanted Forest, The Grove Stage is the heart of all things bass, and is itself a collaborative work of art. Beautifully constructed and adorned with talented performers and an epic light show, this stage is the life of the party. Come prepared to dance, The Grove tends to create dance floors that are the stuff of legends.

The Knoll

In this cozy corner of the woods, you can sip tea or herbal elixirs and be serenaded by the sweet sounds of live music. The atmosphere is a bit more chill, but there’s still plenty of activity late night, where the music is of the acoustic variety and the vibe is mellow and soulful.

Saucy Spa

It gets pretty wild in the Saucy Spa, EFG’s home of good clean fun. Not only can you wash off some of that dance floor heat, but you can cool off with TRI foam in the shade. That’s right, there’s a dance party IN the Saucy Spa.

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