Papadosio Drops a New Album [Video]

Photo by Jacob Avanzato

Papadosio Drops a New Album [Video]

Nothing gets us reminiscing about all the beautiful things we have to be grateful for like the season of Fall. As Winter approaches and Autumn comes to a close it’s especially hard not to think back on those moments that we shared together as we danced to Papadosio under the light of the August moon.

The stage glowed with a tranquil iridescence and we even had the pleasure of hearing those spiritual songs echo through the majestic trees of the landscape. Those were spirited celebrations that seemed to add to the magic already in the Enchanted Forest. Today we look back on those memories and give thanks for them.

We also are excited because Papadosio has released a new album, Extras in a Movie. To tell us a bit more about it the band took some time to speak with us.

Photo by Johnny Wikle

According to Mike Healy (Drums), “[the] big overall message is love and understanding, and learning how to be a community – to open our eyes to being brothers and sisters.” Sam Brouse pointed out a different sort of shift. “Recently we’ve come to terms with the fact that there is a yin and yang to the whole scenario… basically… If you can show some dichotomy in the music, both the light and the dark aspects start to have even more meaning. Our new album especially, has a lot of that going on.”

“Like all our albums, Extras In A Movie is a variety show of genre and timbre,” the band shares. “It is also certainly our most exploratory record to date. The end result is a very honest musical representation of our collective emotions while we were recording.”

Film Credit: Shot by Fatdoid and Satori & Edited by Megan Stone

Check out the video here for more highlights from their interview and performance at Enchanted Forest. You’ll notice it’s set to their new hit single “Epiphany”. A magnificent song off the Extras in a Movie album about the impact friendship can make in the lives of those around us.


Featured Image by Jacob Avanzato


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