it’s your time to shine, enchanted fam, and show us what you’ve got

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Apply to Get Involved in EFG.

Thanks for sharing your offerings with us! Applications to get involved in Enchanted Forest 2017 closed on April 16th, and our curators are currently hard at work considering each one and scheduling content. Applicants should hear back by April 28th. You can reach out directly to coordinators for more information. The only remaining opportunity to participate at this point is to help spread the word about EFG on social media & in your local area — please fill out the Ambadassador Application below. We are so grateful for the overwhelming responses we received on all of our applications, thank you!

Thanks for sharing what you do with us!

Participant Applications


Thank you for your interest in promoting for Enchanted Forest. Our ambassador applications are now closed, please see the Tickets page to join us this year. Thank you.