Pro Tip: Get the Payment Plan

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Pro Tip: Get the Payment Plan

It happens to the best of us… You fully intend to grab those early bird tickets while they’re cheap, but life happens, and you can’t get the money together until months down the road. By then, the lineup is out and your whole squad has tickets, but the price has jumped several times and you shake your fist at the sky as you plunk down way more money than if you’d just swooped as soon as tickets dropped.

Luckily, you CAN have the best of both worlds and impulse buy tickets at early bird prices without having to pony up the dough right away. Enter, the Affirm Payment Plan.

Affirm is a financing alternative to credit cards that Enchanted Forest is offering as an option to make the event more accessible. The service allows you to get your ticket NOW, at the cheapest price possible, and pay for it in monthly installments over the next 3 or 6 months.

To use Affirm to pay for your order, simply choose “Monthly Payments with Affirm” as the Payment Method option when checking out.

This method can be used to pay for your entire ticket order, including add-ons, so be sure you’ve selected your Car Camping, Early Arrival, Saucy Spa passes and whatever you’d like to add to enhance your enchantment. After filling in the checkout info, you’ll hit the “Continue with Affirm” button and you’ll be directed to their website to complete the application process.

Affirm will need to verify your identity and approve your financing. You’ll be able to see the full cost up front and sign up for SMS reminders when your monthly payment is due, or you can set it up to autopay. Here’s a bit more detail about the Affirm sign-up process. Once approved, you’ll receive your order confirmation and tickets in an email from Eventbrite immediately.

With this little festival life hack, you can grab tickets and confirm your spot at Enchanted this summer at the most affordable price possible and then be free to move on to the more exciting parts of planning your festival season, like COSTUMES!

Note: Enchanted Forest does not manage Affirm Payment Plans nor receive any info about your payment plan. If you are experiencing issues purchasing with Affirm, please read the detailed step by step process, and if the issue persists, please contact Eventbrite directly.



Featured Photo: Static Nomadic Photography

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