Redefining Sexy: How Festivals are Challenging the Status Quo

Photo by Harmonic Light

Redefining Sexy: How Festivals are Challenging the Status Quo

Festivals are stimulating in every sense of the word and sometimes you have to remind yourself to close your jaw as you might be oggling at all the action going on around you. Between friends, artwork, performers, artists, and musicians there are a myriad of things that can catch your eye and drive your brain crazy. Like the occasional exposed nipple, for instance. What’s unique about festivals is the openness, sensuality, and style that people own and exude throughout their time on site and we certainly see some inspirational outfits, smiles, and dance moves from all genders and ages at Enchanted Forest. Contrast that experience with the outside world and it doesn’t take long to see that the objectification and stereotypes which seem to remain in our culture not only prevent women from spreading their social wings, but they also impacts men adversely by preventing them from being the best version of themselves.

“Sexy” in the festival scene can completely differ from what is mainstream sexy and at Enchanted Forest we relish all the uniquely weird, personal attitudes and stylish quirks that make you amazing.

Photo by Alyssa Keys

Photo by Alyssa Keys

Festival sexy is…

Wearing whatever makes you feel like your best self.

Whether you wear a onesie, rhinestones on your face, face and body paint, a banana hammock, or nothing at all, it is most sexy to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. When people are comfortable with themselves they radiate confidence, and everyone loves a confident person in a fun outfit. At festivals people are not pressured from typical mainstream media sources like magazines, TV shows, and movies. People are not being told to dress according to their body type, gender, or what appeals to the opposite sex; people dress however the heck they want.

Being comfortable with however you want to show your body.

Photo by Alyssa Keys

Photo by Alyssa Keys

At certain festivals, people have the freedom to be bare-bodied if they feel comfortable and safe. As we all know, this rarely flies in the “default” world. Women are often asked to cover up, not show cleavage, not wear short dresses or skirts, or to not dress in a distracting way. Although men can bare their chests without getting a second glance, if men went bottomless in public they would surely receive some trouble. While it is liberating to be able to make the personal decision whether to be naked or not, it is also empowering and sexy to observe someone who is comfortable, free, with no inhibitions. Just make sure you always receive consent before taking someone’s photo or admiring them longer than a brief moment.

Dancing however the music shakes you.

Clothes and personal style can certainly appeal to us and bring out our glamorous side, but what also is sexy is the weird and wiggly ways that people get down on the dance floor at festivals. Dancing might bring fear or nervousness into the hearts of some as it is common for people to feel inadequate or judged on their dance moves. However, dancing at festivals can be an incredibly sexy thing. There are no rules, there is no choreography, and there are no right or wrong moves. Dancing can help us build confidence, express ourselves, and can also bring us closer to those we are dancing with. Sometimes nothing is sexier than locking eyes with your dance partner and letting the music take you wherever it needs to. Sure, you might get sideways glances if you’re at your neighborhood club or bar, but this is a festival and the folks here will embrace all of your dance moves, no matter how crazy they are.

“Sexy” means many things to different people and there’s no better place than a festival to embrace your personal style. Whether it is how you dress, how you dance, how you speak, or how you laugh, in some kind of way you are sexy. By celebrating this, festival culture is challenging the status quo to break down and eliminate the affects of a life built by the programming of a society’s distorted views on relationships. By expressing yourself  you’re redefining sexy in our own way too. Help break the mold and share your authentic self with us at Black Oak Ranch in July!

Jazzy Cherie

A fiery yet compassionate Leo woman from the West Coast who is constantly inspired by the community bonds and innovation of festival culture. She has been sharing her written creations ever since her first festival, many of which focus on sex and sexuality, community building, and after-event reviews.

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