Release Psychic Burdens and Emerge Into New Life Post-fest

Release Psychic Burdens and Emerge Into New Life Post-fest

One of the most cherished aspects of transformational festivals is their awe-striking ability to catalyzing direct and immediate change. Upon immersing in these potent environments of shared spiritual wisdom, festival attendees are encouraged to leave behind that which no longer serves them and breathe in new life and wisdom in its place. This is the cycle of evolution that our society needs to heal our wounds and create a sustainable future.

This cycle of life cannot happen without death. Do you fear death? Have you learned the role it plays in everyday life throughout our journeys on earth? What wounds and unfinished business from your past might be holding you back from fully loving yourself and your life?

Karl Baba, a spiritual teacher authorized by Indian Traditions, Papa Ji and Sacha, will be leading a ceremony as the festival nears a close called “Shamanic Death and Rebirth.” As Karl describes, this ceremony is an opportunity to make peace with life and let go of the inner baggage that weighs on the heart. Beings will call in the Spirit with a ritual drink of water and Palo Santo scent, envisioning this is their last day on the planet. “You make peace with your life and everyone who has touched you,” Karl said, “to surrender, to forgive, and emerge freshly into a new life.”

Photo by Christine Ciarcia

Photo by Christine Ciarcia

Sound like a suitable way to close a transformative weekend and begin your life post-forest? Read on to learn more about the death and rebirth cycle Karl will be guiding Enchanted Foresters through in this article written by Karl Baba himself…

Death is underrated. The true essential essence of ourselves never dies. What can die, needs to die for us to truly live.

Sleep is the death we do daily. During our day we are bombarded with countless images and events, stresses and changes. If we didn’t sleep, the accumulated impressions of the day would overwhelm us. We need to surrender our minds into the death-like sleep to have peace.

During the span of our path in life, physical death plays a similar role. Over a long period of time, our accumulated emotional wounds, the psychic burden of life’s events, and the numbing trap of our entrenched view of life add heavy baggage to our existence. We get stuck. We get tired. We need to die to move beyond the limits we’ve created for ourselves in this embodiment.

I want to propose that the best thing you can do to prepare for transformation in society, or even your own inevitable death, is to heal your wounds, conclude your unfinished business, release and forgive your past, and learn to abide in the unburdened presence of your own Being which is Love itself.

How to get there? How to return to our essential self without the excess psychic and emotional fat we have packed away?

An experience that many people have had working with the Aya Rainforest medicine is that of “Shamanic Death and Rebirth.” The Spirit gives us the feeling of impending death and encourages one to make peace with their life experiences and all the people who have been a part of their life.

Photo by Sean Crandal

Photo by Sean Crandal

It’s possible to engage this purification process without traveling to the jungles Peru or drinking the Rainforest Medicine. We can invoke the Spirit and face our unfinished business here and now. Every wound, denied feeling or held grudge is locked in place within you. The bars and jail cells of these pains are constructed of your own consciousness so that it requires a part of you to become unconscious to hold the pain outside of your awareness. Dissolving our unfinished business and healing our wounds frees these parts of us to return to the wholeness of ourselves.

I invite you to periodically practice this Shamanic Death and Rebirth Meditation, to work on purging your inner poisons and being more truly yourself. Here are some ways this can be done…

Set Intentions
After stating your prayer intention and taking a ritual drink of water, sit in mediation or lie down and go within. Watch your breathing. Feel your own presence and gradually calm yourself until you can work in your mind’s eye with clarity.

Put Life in Perspective
Imagine that this was your last hour on the planet. Imagine that after this hour, you are stripped from your past and all the identity you have created for yourself. The point is going to be making peace with your life and all the people who have been a part of it.

Make Peace
Making peace can happen in a few stages: expressing feelings, finding resolution and release, forgiveness and gratitude.

Photo by Gaby Esensten

Photo by Gaby Esensten

Find Forgiveness
To become whole we need to forgive ourselves and forgive others. They go hand in hand. We judge ourselves at least as harshly as we judge others. Forgiving others doesn’t mean inviting them back in your life, remarrying them or even telling them you’ve forgiven them. It means dissolving the stuck energy around them in your heart so that energy is free to be Love and free to experience life freshly.

Face it
We often hold this pact of vengeance that tells us to hang on to our ill will about something, as if staying angry will somehow punish the person that hurt us; that staying angry will validate our pain. We punish ourselves by holding poison within. Give yourself grace by determining to face everything and let it all go.

So the meditation is this: you visit people and events in your life, one by one. If there is something to express: how you felt they hurt you, how you felt about it, how you loved them, whatever unfinished business you feel around the event or relationship, then express it within yourself. Feel the feelings but don’t get it wrapped up in a new story.

Observe your feelings. You are feeling the energy in the process of letting it go, not chewing on your old stuff over again. Remember that this stuff is just content of your psyche. The real you is beyond and observing everything. Purged of the clutter of your wounds and the weight of your history, you will still be “you.”

Give thanks
So express those feelings within and see if you can’t forgive that person or event. Let it go. Everything and everybody has taught you something. See if you can thank each person for the role they played in your life.

Photo by Gaby Esensten

Photo by Gaby Esensten

Don’t judge yourself. Do what you can. Know that one freedom leads to another.

When you feel “done,” rest in the silence and peace of yourself. Allowing the energy you stirred up to integrate within you. I hope this practice of Shamanic Death and Rebirth can be healing tool for you. I wish you a clean heart, a free mind and a magic-filled, wonderful life. If this cleansing process sparks interest, be sure not to miss the ceremony Karl will be teaching on Sunday at 5pm in the Spirituality Zone.

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