Living the Legacy: Our Return to Black Oak Ranch

Photo by Jacob Avanzato

Living the Legacy: Our Return to Black Oak Ranch

There are quite a few conscious festivals out there and even more mainstream ones, but we like to think that there’s something extra special about the venue we get to call home. Largely because Black Oak Ranch sits on land with such important musical heritage that many in the industry consider it a quintessential slab of hallowed ground. After our first year on the site last year, we experienced a number of characteristics about our venue that had us over the moon with love for the Black Oak family.

Unforgettable Landscapes

The majestic meadows and ancient oak trees that comprise the landscape of Black Oak Ranch were a constant reminder that our connection with the environment is a precious and important part of being human.  Traveling to and from Black Oak was even a remarkable experience because of the surrounding geography. Plants and hillsides parted around the highway to reveal a lush nature-lovers paradise complete with towering trees, soft grass and more flowers than a hippy can handle in a single serving. The landscapes at Black Oak Ranch make for a lovely living experience but the aspect that really makes it memorable is the incredible historical significance that can’t be found anywhere else.

History of Black Oak Ranch

Last year we shared a lot about the transformative history of Black Oak Ranch, but if you aren’t familiar with the venue you may still appreciate that it sits on land that was curated and paid through the power of music, namely Bill Graham, Wavy Gravy and the Grateful Dead. Since then the venue has been home to Earthdance, the Kate Wolf Festival and several others. Last year we celebrated our first gathering at Black Oak Ranch and we’re particularly proud not just because we get to walk in the footsteps of legends, but also because we now get to be a part of the legacy that they worked to create. It’s not every festival that gets to claim a land rooted in such greatness as home, but we like to think that if we work hard to build on the mountain of memories stored in these trees, we can do the people who came before us proud.

Facilities and Features

Along with all the historical magic that exists at Black Oak Ranch, we’re also really excited about the little things. In other words, showers, free drinking water, well-endowed totem poles and boatloads of shade were all exciting features last year and we’re looking forward to enjoying those with you and the rest of the incredible Black Oak crew again in July. We also will be welcoming back our onsite medical marijuana dispensary, Healing Harvest Farms.

The Black Oak Crew

In addition to the facilities we also have a ton of love for our facilitators, the Black Oak Ranch Crew. They bring with them decades of experience putting on events large and small. They also provide us with helpful advice, they consult with us on how best to use their venue and they bring along smiles and laughter that make us proud to be a part of the fam. We’re continuing our process of collaborating together from last year to make Enchanted Forest the best festival it can be, and that means we still have work to do, but with little doubt Enchanted Forest is made all the sweeter by the efforts of our friends at Black Oak Ranch.

If you haven’t picked up your pass to the festival yet make sure you do so soon. We’re expecting to sell out this year so don’t procrastinate! Pick up your tickets to be a part of the adventure that awaits and get ready to see what makes the Enchanted Forest such a magical place!

Graham Berry