become our supreme saucy squad

we want to see how you & your crew get down - enter to win the title of supreme saucy squad

Is Your Squad the Sauciest?

You all bring so much to the event, let’s make it official!

Part of what makes Enchanted Forest Gathering more than just another West Coast festival is our COMMUNITY and FAMILY. We aren’t the biggest, but we feel (and other people tell us) that it’s THE PEOPLE (you!) who come to our event that make it so special. That’s why we’ve launched the SUPREME SAUCY SQUAD competition.

Enter Your Squad


  • Four tickets for you and your squad! (We’ll refund the ones you bought or you can add more to your squad).
  • Early arrival passes!
  • Saucy Spa Passes!
  • Reserved Campsite!
  • AND, the best one yet… We will come and throw a party at your campsite on Sunday with special guest DJs and treats!


  • Think about what you can bring to the event….vibes, a performance, a camp, a unique group-focused workshop, a group costume, a “happening”….there are no boundaries here besides what you and three people can make happen. We want to hear about it and make it happen!
  • Grab your discounted Saucy Squad Tickets – buying 4 or more tickets together will save you a bundle! (If you win, we’ll refund them, OR give you 4 more so you can add to your squad).
  • Create a 2-5 minute video of you and your Supreme Saucy Squad. Basically no rules on the level of your Supremeness…Be sure to cover in your video:
    • Names and hometown(s)?
    • How do you all know each other?
    • How many years have you attended the festival? (you MAY enter even if you haven’t attended)
    • How are you and your squad going to enhance/improve the Enchanted Forest experience for your fellow Foresters? What are you all doing to “deserve” being our SUPREME SAUCY SQUAD.
  • Upload your video to Youtube with the title “Enchanted Forest Supreme Saucy Squad”
  •  Promote yourself! Share your video with #EFGSquadSupreme out on the interwebz!


  • Make sure your video has a dope message and is awesome….sell us your “story.”
  • Make sure you really hit home why your squad should be named Supreme
  • If it’s longer than 5 minutes you will be disqualified
  • Make it be YOU! Your personality. As wacky or not as you want. Video effects, sets, props, etc are all good.
  • You all must be in the video in some way. If your squad lives in different parts of the planet, you can each take clips and edit them together.
  • During the event, you may be asked to come out onstage or partake in certain activities with EFG crew. Don’t worry, we’ll only embarrass you a little.
  • Deadline for entry is April 30th.

We will pick the squad who we feel best embodies all things Saucy and our ethos.