The Ultimate Guide to Making Friends at a Festival

Photo by HekterVision

The Ultimate Guide to Making Friends at a Festival

This year will be my first year at Enchanted Forest and there are so many things that I’m looking forward to. I feel like the forest is calling me forward to experience the music, the workshops, the endless flow time and most importantly to me, the people.

I flippin’ adore people.

Seriously, if there is one thing I want for this world it’s for the people in it to connect better, more often.

Meeting new friends and learning what makes others tick fascinates me too. Enchanted will be a little different for me because I won’t be mobbing with my typical festival crew. In fact, I’ll be arriving with a new friend that I just met at the last festival I went to. At first, I was a little anxious not having my usual support group to fall back on. I’ve never done a festival almost alone. I was equal parts excited, anxious and overwhelmed without the comfort of my social circle encircling me socially.

“Look out world!” I thought. “It’s time to make some new friends!”

I looked back on some of the other festivals I’d been to and put together what I think are the best ways to make friends at a festival. Here’s what I came up with!

Be Open to The Experience

Photo by HekterVision

The experience of a festival begins way before you get there. It’s the road trip, the music you listen to as you go and the feeling you get when you start driving up to the grounds. By the time I get to a festival I’m vibrating with anticipation, which then carries over to the people that I meet along the way. Be open to not only meeting new people but also all the experiences that come with the time you’ll share together. Find a circle of dancing booties at a bass-filled stage, share a cushion with somebody who needs to sit for a spell, or connect more deeply by having a long, soft heart-to-heart embrace with whatever kindred spirits you find.

Say YES!


Photo by Cadencia

Enchanted Forest will greet us with a new moon. New moons stand for new beginnings and a time to refresh your dreams and desires. What better time than at Enchanted to just say yes and open up yourself to new experiences?

Never picked up a flow tool a day in your life but someone offers to show you some sweet moves. Say yes.

See a parade and feel the need to jump in it. Say yes.

Somebody asks you to accompany him or her for a dip in the stream. Say yes!

Step out of your comfort zone and try something adventurous if it seems interesting and a whole new world will open up to you.

Be Yourself


Photo by Jazzwall Arts

Photo by Jazzwall Arts

The fact of the matter is that you’ve already surrounded yourself by people with common interests just by showing up. You have that going for you so why not let your perfect self glow for everyone to see. Dance a crazy dance if you want to. Sing at the top of your lungs if that’s your thing. Feel like skipping instead of walking? Well then skip-to-the-Lou, my darling! This is your festival experience. Make it a memory that you’ll want to hold onto forever. Just by being the amazing, outrageous you that only you can be others will be inspired by your excitment and want to join the fun. So do you and let others do them and then meet in the middle and do some things together.

Bring a Gift


Something as simple as a little tea or a spritz of cold water on a hot afternoon could be just the thing to make someones day. Gifting is a long-standing tradition at Enchanted Forest. Flowers or necklaces are always a hit because people will not only feel a little special that you decided to share something with them but they’ll also actually wear them so that when you cross paths again later it’s almost certainly with a wink and big smile – if not a huge hug.

Whether you’re and extrovert or an introvert, there will be plenty of people around just waiting to make memories of this magical time we share in the forest. Step out of your box a little, be open to the experience and to yourself and the rest will come easily. And if none of the above seem to work well for you throw out a “Hiya, how ya doing?” followed by a smile. It’s an oldie but a goodie that always seems to compel a little charm or at least an enthusiastic high five.

Photo by Karl Baba

Photo by Karl Baba

How do you make friends at a festival? What tips would you share with someone who’s going to Enchanted Forest alone?


Featured Image Credit: HekterVision

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