What it means to be “Enchanted”

What it means to be “Enchanted”

Being “Enchanted” is a lot like falling in love. Shoes become clouds, words become song and the light shining from within the heart gets a little brighter. Beyond this euphoric sensation it’s difficult to pin down quite what it is to be enchanted. Is it magic? It’s tough to say but I, for one, like to think that it’s some combination of inspiration and charm stirred up with a dash of hot bliss. In the search to understand what it means to be enchanted we asked YOU, the beautiful people of the Enchanted Forest to explain it in your own words. We got some incredible responses – Here are a few that really gave us the feels:

I am Creator: “I can create whatever reality I can imagine.”


I am Connected: “That place in life where fantasy and reality become one and the same.”

I am Transformed: “Feeling free in my reality, transformed by the love of others. And reflecting that upon the world.”


Photo by Jazzwall Arts

Photo by Jazzwall Arts

The most popular response to our question was this comment from Alicia-Elizabeth Martin:

“Always Looking Up… When I hear “Enchanted” I feel the cool sunrise air on my skin, I smell the sweet smell of our mother earth drinking in the dew of the morning life, I taste the clean crisp air and I hear the birds awaking to the sweet sounds of music that unite us all in its magical melodies. When I hear the word “Enchanted” I feel enlightened, and transformed, I find love, serenity, hope, and peace within myself and the wonderful world around me. When I hear “enchanted” I feel… Well I feel like I am home!”

Whether spellbinding or spirit-freeing the mysterious forces at work in this forest is something we’re looking forward to sharing with you from August 14th to August 16th.

We hope you’ll come to explore, to reflect and to share what being “Enchanted” means to you.


Featured Image Credit: Contest Winner – Alicia-Elizabeth Martin

Graham Berry

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